Soft-Landing Mat Goal Set

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Soft-Landing Mat Goal Set

A brilliant invention: soft floor mat and sports or handball goal in a cost-effective product. Benefit from weight: advantages: can be used as a normal soft mat, a very cheap handball goal with a reduced distance from the edge of the playing field to the wall, offers maximum protection for the athletes (no hard goalposts, no rebounding balls)! The soft-bottomed trench is thus ideal for sports and school lessons.

With this set you get a soft bottom, a set of door profiles, a wall strap and a wall holder with Velcro.

Complete set consists of:
- 1 soft floor mat, size. 300 cm x 200 cm x 30 cm,
- 1 set of door profiles, with Velcro tape for easy attachment to the soft floor
- 1 wall strap

The goal is ideal with a small clearance distance to the wall and offers the athletes much safety.

With these gate soft floor mats you can use both gymnastics and as a gate

Soft floor mats:

Size: 300 x 200 x 30 cm, weight 23, side and top with non-woven tape for the "goal und crossbar"! The core is made of polyether foam and the coating of non-slip Trevira high-strength material. The top is smooth and seamless, while the underside is non-slip. The sides are made of mats with a welded air strip. The soft-bottomed furniture has a plastic zipper and 4 carrying handles. Colour Blue.

The goal profiles:

Size: about 208 x 38 x 8 cm, or 316 x 38 x 8 cm. With Velcro strap for easy access to the soft floor. The core is made of composite foam with a weight of 100, the cover is made of smooth PVC tarpaulins. Color front: red / white.
Including soft landing mat, goal posts and wall attachment straps. The soft-landing mat goal is a great invention, due to three major advantages: can be used as normal soft landing mat, it is a very economical handball goal and it is very safe (no hard goal posts and no hard rebound of the ball).
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