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Dumbbells are part of the basic equipment in every gym and fitness training or training. With the dumbbells you can perform an effective muscle training and choose different weight levels of the dumbbells depending on your level of performance and training goal. In our shop you will find a large selection of different high quality dumbbells. Our dumbbells are not only available in different weight classes, but also have great prices and come from well-known manufacturers or brands, such as TOGU. Order the right product or device easily online in our shop!

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Robust dumbbells in different weight classes

What do I train with dumbbells?

Dumbbells are very popular training devices in strength training & dumbbell training and the exercises with the compact dumbbells serve primarily. building muscle all over the body. The dumbbells or compact dumbbells need little space for storage, transport and storage and are available at affordable prices. With the dumbbells or dumbbell training and exercises with this fitness device, you can activate and train entire muscle groups (e.g. the biceps on the upper body), but also specifically address individual muscles. For example, when training with these dumbbells, the core muscles as well as the entire musculature of the upper body (e.g. biceps) and the entire body can be addressed. You can also do the exercises with this fitness machine at home. You can also buy complete sets or dumbbell sets (dumbbell sets) from us for the workout of beginners and advanced users. You can also get high-quality barbells from us for workouts with dumbbells or disc dumbbells and barbells.

What types of dumbbells are there?

With dumbbells, a distinction is made between dumbbells with a fixed weight and dumbbells with weight plates. The dumbbells with a fixed weight are also called bone dumbbells and are made from one piece. This type of dumbbell is very robust. The dumbbells with weight plates have a barbell in combination with weight plates or weight plates. The weight plates are mounted on the barbell by means of spring washers, adjusting rings or screw closures and are often called disc weights. The advantage of the disc dumbbell compared to the dumbbells with fixed weight is that you can determine the weight of these dumbbells individually by attaching the weights to the bar. Dumbbells with fixed weights are mostly used for gymnastics (gymnastics dumbbells). All those who want to determine the weight of the dumbbell variably and individually use dumbbells with discs in training. You can also distinguish the dumbbells from each other based on their shape. There are so-called dumbbells that have disc-shaped weights. In contrast, there are the dumbbells, which are hexagonal and are called hexagon dumbbell. The advantage of the hexagon dumbbells is that they cannot roll away when being put down and stored.

What material are dumbbells made of?

Dumbbells consist either of cast iron or of hard plastic (plastic) with a filling. A cast iron dumbbell is very compact and durable. The disadvantage of this material (metal) can be that it can rust after some time. To avoid this, there are numerous dumbbells with a coating or chrome plating or a coating with vinyl. The hard plastic dumbbells are usually cheaper and mostly larger than the cast iron dumbbells. The hard plastic material has the disadvantage that the weight is limited by the barbell size. No matter how a dumbbell is sheathed or what sheath the device has, all materials of the dumbbell covers reduce the noise when putting down the dumbbell, thereby protecting the floor and are resistant to condensation. This has mainly a positive hygienic effect because the dumbbells that are covered are easy and easy to clean.

Buying a dumbbell

Our dumbbells are all characterized by the following advantages and properties:

  • Robust and extremely durable
  • From well-known manufacturers & brands (e.g. Eleiko or Togu)
  • Resilient dumbbell bars
  • Different, high-quality materials of the dumbbell bar: dumbbells made of cast iron or plastic (hard plastic)
  • Various covers (vinyl, plastic or rubber covers)
  • Non-slip handles or gripping surface (knurled handles or knurling)
  • Different diameters and therefore suitable for many weight plates (diameter of 25 mm, 30 mm or 50 mm)
  • Different types of closures (spring washers, collars or screw closures)
  • Different versions of the type of surface for disc dumbbells
  • Suitable for the workout of beginners and advanced