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Fitness Trampolines

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Jumping on a fitness trampoline is very effective for the whole body and very popular in many workouts in the fitness area or in fitness training and in training athletes. With us you will find a large selection of different fitness trampolines (with or without a handle) in high quality from well-known brands, with a high level of safety and at affordable prices. Discover the right fitness trampoline for use in the club, studio, practice or at home and simply buy the right product online in our shop!

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Robust fitness trampolines for varied training of the whole body

Fitness trampoline - Jump yourself in shape!

The trampoline or fitness trampoline - the fitness hit of the 80s, is currently experiencing a real revival. No wonder, training with and on the fitness trampoline is not only absolutely gentle on the joints (little strain on the joints), training with the fitness trampoline is also extremely effective. Jumping and jumping, i.e. trampoline jumping, on the fitness trampoline is not only fun and easy on the joints, jumping on this sports equipment also burns many calories (fat burning) and thus the movement on the trampoline reduces body weight. A jump of 30 minutes on the fitness trampoline or this sports device lets the pounds drop and strengthens the core muscles at the same time. Jumping trampoline is also an ingenious fascia training, because jumping strengthens the connective tissue. In addition, the fitness trampolines have the advantage or the movement on the sports equipment has the advantage that they can be used by beginners, are very effective in building muscles and are perfect for endurance training. With a fitness trampoline you can quickly achieve your desired body weight, achieve good endurance and build muscle.

Today's fitness trampolines

Since the invention of the fitness trampoline, a lot has changed in the new generation of trampolines. The jumping area of the new fitness trampolines is now larger. The diameter of the jumping mat of the fitness trampoline of the new generation is between 120 cm - 130 cm. In addition, the springs (steel springs) or the suspension that tension the jumping mat or jumping mat have been replaced by rubber tensioners or rubber cables on many models. The fitness trampolines therefore spring even better. In addition, the modern fitness trampoline is equipped with a handle. So you can not only jump higher on the trampoline, balance training and coordination exercises are also possible on the fitness trampoline.

Buying a fitness trampoline

Our fitness trampolines are characterized by by the following advantages or properties:

  • High quality & from well-known brands or manufacturers, such as Jumping or Trimilin
  • Robust & resilient
  • With handle or handle or without handle or handle
  • Different sizes and different diameters of the jumping mats or the jumping mat
  • Optimal jumping properties (little strain on the joints)
  • Antistatic
  • Tension or suspension with rubber rope or steel springs
  • Light weight of the fitness trampolines
  • Joint-friendly trampoline jumping
  • Different models available (also mini trampolines)
  • High safety of sports equipment in fitness training
  • Favorable price of every trampoline
  • Suitable for training in any sport area