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Barrier Systems for Sports Grounds

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Whether it is for the delimitation of a sports field, for the delimitation of paths for spectators or for advertising media on advertising boards, in our online shop you will find different barrier systems for sports grounds, as well as entire fence systems. We offer sports field barriers and correspondent accessories, such posts for the sports field barriers.

  1. Spare Hand Rail
    Spare Hand Rail
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  2. Spare Post
    Spare Post
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  3. Surcharge for Insert
    Surcharge for Insert
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  4. Barrier Joint 90°
    Barrier Joint 90°
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  5. T-Joint
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High quality and robust barrier systems for your sports ground

What is a sports ground barrier system?

Every sports field must be limited by a system or a barrier system, for example for spectators or for catching balls. This demarcation can easily be created using sports field barriers. On the one hand, there are barriers as a boundary between sports fields and gangs with or without advertising on the field (e.g. in football). On the other hand, there are barrier systems for the separation of spectators from the playing field in sports or especially in the case of team sports. In this case, one speaks of a barrier fence or gate.

Buy barrier systems for your sports ground

Kübler Sport offers sports field barriers with or without advertising elements or advertising media, all of which are high-strength. Both versions are made of weatherproof plastic, which is impact-resistant, robust and durable. This material is also physiological, e.g. of the round tubes of the products, harmless. The board (between two posts with the same post spacing) is bordered on the top and bottom with anodized and alloyed aluminum. Sports field barriers, which are equipped with integrated board advertising in their fence construction, are very clever for sports clubs and therefore very popular in club needs and with sports facilities. With the equipment of integrated gang advertising, clubs can take the marketing of existing advertising space into their own hands and thereby generate sponsorship money from local companies. The advertising elements are available for existing barrier systems or can be covered as a complete banner advertising complete with standpipes as fences. The design and length of the barriers can be freely selected.

Buy protective grating

Protective grating , which among other things Sports field barriers are used to delimit spectators. It is the ideal aid to create “wanted” paths and to lead people on the right path. These barriers are made of galvanized steel tubing and have a stable frame profile with precision molded parts. In addition, you will find mobile fences or construction fences in our online shop from various manufacturers, which are suitable for a quick and handy solution when cordoning off construction sites, gardens or market areas. These barriers can also be used as privacy screens. The fence consists of a weatherproof galvanized fence system and is fully welded. These features make the construction fence more stable than a conventional chain link fence.

Various connecting components

We offer connecting components (e.g. bow-shaped connections, round pipes, stand pipes, supporting tubes) for sports field barriers, which are rounded off to reduce injuries. In addition, connection elements are available, which are also called connection T-pieces and consist of robust, durable, anodized, alloy cast aluminum or an aluminum tube. Both elements are characterized by a special fit.


In our online shop, the following products are available as optimal accessories for barrier systems in addition to gates for the sports field, all of which are also high-strength:

  • Rubber stone for mobile fence
  • Mobile fence clamp
  • Fixing kit for posts
  • Insert tube for an aluminum tube
  • Support tube made of aluminum
  • Aluminum handrail
  • Stand post rail systems

In our shop you will find the right equipment for fence construction, such as stand posts or classic posts, and the right systems (board systems) for installing a barrier system in sports facilities and for sports field or club needs. It is important that you always mount the posts at the same post spacing when building the fence. We not only offer your equipment in the design you want, you can also choose between different manufacturers. Buy the optimal barrier system for the sports field now and equip your sports facilities and your club optimally and safely in addition to goals for football.