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BlockX are multifunctional blocks with amazing application possibilities. The blocks made of foam serve as markers, toys or training aids. They invite the user to keep thinking about new uses. In addition, due to their low weight, they offer advantages during transport.

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    BlockX® Basic-Set
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    BlockX Bag
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8 Items

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BlockX: Universally applicable blocks for sport, school, leisure time

For whom is BlockX suitable?

Schools and athletics clubs belong to the target group of these foam blocks, but they can also be used in other sports clubs or at home during leisure time. The multifunctional blocks are versatile and therefore an interesting purchase for almost everyone.

Schools use the blocks to mark out training areas for the students, to set up hurdles or to set various markings on the sports field. The blocks are also used in the children's athletics programs of the DLV to enable children to run hurdles without fear.

What are the blocks made of?

The multifunctional blocks BlockX are made of PE foam and provided with drilled holes. The material is particularly light, hygienically harmless and offers a high level of environmental compatibility. With these properties, it can be used anywhere, for example in school for sports and even swimming lessons. The blocks are also suitable for outdoor use.

What practical uses does this product offer?

The following applications are typical uses of BlockX:

  • Mark running routes
  • Build hurdles for the obstacle course
  • Toy building blocks
  • Throwing target in sport
  • Swimming board

What are the advantages of BlockX?

BlockX are primarily intended for use by children and young people. The soft blocks offer special advantages here:

  • Low weight: The blocks can also be easily transported in large quantities.
  • Soft material: There is no risk of injury here.
  • Hard-wearing: Even with intensive use, the high quality of the blocks is retained for a long time.
  • Large selection: The blocks are available in many different colors.
  • Diversity: The blocks can be used creatively anywhere.

In which product variants are the blocks available?

BlockX sets are normally sold in a basic set of 20 blocks. This can be expanded at any time with additional basic sets. For special applications, the manufacturer offers special blocks, such as the blocks for the hall start or the hurdle set. The offer also includes a practical carrying bag.