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BLOCKX Hurdle Set

Set to build 5 complete hurdles made of PE foam, consisting of 20 original BLOCKX, 40 plugs and 10 hurdles feet. The BLOCKX can be used as a hurdle, marking, building block, throwing target or as a floating board. They are ideal as an ideal training aid for sprint training, bounce and running condition ideal.

Product features
- 20 blocks
- Dimensions per block (LxWxH): 50x15x9 cm
- Made of high quality PE foam with drilled holes
- Colors red, green, yellow and blue
- 40 plugs
- 10 hurdles feet

As an alternative or an enhancement to the BLOCKX hurdles, you will find additional hurdles for hurdles, jumps and sprints in our Kübler Sport® Online Shop. As a small increase, we recommend the pendulum practice hurdle, item no. L3207 or the Zacharias practice hurdle with the item no. L2740. They also allow a fearless training and successful learning of the hurdle technology. , The hurdles are not only suitable for training in athletics, but also in all ball and team sports where coordination, running and jumping technique as well as sprinting ability should be trained and improved. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us! We are happy to help!
20 Blockx, 40 plugs and 10 hurdle stands to form 5 completely new PE foam hurdles.
20 Blockx, 40 plugs and 10 hurdle stands to form 5 completely new PE foam hurdles.
Product information
Package height
60 cm
Package width
45 cm
Package length
60 cm
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