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You can buy particularly robust and high quality streetball balls from us. The streetball is specially adapted for outdoor conditions and has a particularly robust surface with optimal playing properties. Discover our large selection of street ball balls now.

Buy robust street basketball balls with optimal playing characteristics

What is streetball?

Streetball is a variant of basketball and is therefore often called street basketball. Streetball or 3x3 are very trendy. It is an outdoor variant of the (classic) indoor basketball, in which usually three against three players play on one basket.


Rules in streetball

The rules in street basketball are simpler than the classic basketball rules. The most important rule is fair play, fairness and tolerance. Movement in a streetball game trains conflict ability and coping with frustration and thus trains body (back) and head (tolerance & conflict ability). It is played without a referee and is particularly popular with young people in Germany. If necessary, a so-called court observer can be used, whereby this should be an adviser and not an arbitrator. Street basketball is very dynamic due to the small number of players, short attack times (12 seconds per attack) and half the field and offers greater flexibility than classic basketball. The rules in street basketball are:


  • 2 teams with three players each, as well as substitutes
  • A coin toss is used to decide which team is the attacking team at the start of the game
  • For each attack on a basket, a team has an attack time of 12 seconds to score
  • The first possession of the ball is decided before the game by tossing a coin
  • Before a basketball success, at least two players of the attacking team must have had the ball
  • After each success in the basket, possession of the ball changes and the opposing team receives the street basketball for the throw
  • After a basketball success, after fouls or fouled players and failures or a ball loss, there is a free throw from the two-point line. Behind this line, streetball basketball must first be checked out
  • Fouled players announce the fouls, but fairness is expected at all times from the fouled player and opponent when a foul is displayed
  • In jumping ball situations, the defender or opponent receives the street basketball. Even a dunk or a time game is not allowed in street basketball
  • A basket success gives a point
  • A game ends when a team has reached 16 points in the basketball game


Differences between street basketball and basketball

The main differences between street basketball and basketball are the following aspects:

  • Number of players
  • Street basketball in the outdoor area and basketball in the indoor area
  • Street basketball is played without a referee
  • A basket at the street basketball counts as one point
  • Street basketball is seldom played on time, but rather on a certain number of points
  • In street basketball, after a change of possession, the ball should be passed under the attacking team at least twice before the basket attempt can begin


Buying a street basketball ball

At Kübler Sport you get a large selection of outdoor balls. Because especially for street basketball you need an outdoor basketball. A street basketball ball should be particularly robust, have good grip and be able to withstand the tough demands of duels. All of our balls for streetball are characterized by optimal playing characteristics. We offer a large selection of high-quality and robust street basketball balls that are suitable for every age group and for every purpose in the outdoor area (also for use at a tournament on the field or street or in the hall). Discover our range of street basketball balls now and order your suitable streetball conveniently online.

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