Molten® Basketball B33T5000 Libertria


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Molten® Basketball B33T5000 Libertria

This special Molten® 3x3 Streetball is approved by FIBA for the Varinate 3x3 basketball. Size and weight are according to the official rules of the FIBA, in which case the ball must be the size 6, but the weight of a basketball of size 7. The 3x3 Streetball is made of high quality synthetic leather and is made up of 12 fields. It is the game of the FIBA recognized form of street basketball.

Product features Molten Street-Basketball 3x3:
- ball size 6 (official 3x3 ball size)
- Suitable for outdoor use
- Material: Synthetic leather
- Color: blue / yellow
- Weight: corresponds to a ball size 7 (official rule for FIBA 3x3)

The 3x3 or streetball or street basketball is a special variant of the basketball which was initiated on the initiative of the FIBA. It is currently fully up-to-date and enjoys great popularity because it is a very fast and dynamic form of basketball and is only played on one basket. As the name implies, 3 players are played against 3 players. Since 2012, there are world championships at the FIBA 3x3. The game is played 1 x 10 minutes or 21 points. If a team reaches 21 points before the end of the 10 minutes, they win the game.
Product information
Package length
29.1 cm
Package width
29.1 cm
Package height
24.1 cm
Properties & Features
Ball size
size 6
2nd Colour
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