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With an original basketball or an NBA basketball you train with a basketball match ball in high quality, according to official regulations, with an attractive design and with optimal playing characteristics. The official basketball is part of the basic equipment in every basketball game or competition. In our shop you will find a large selection of original basketball match balls (match ball) that are suitable for every basketball game or competition and every basketball player. Discover and order the right basketball match ball with great grip, from well-known brands (e.g. Wilson or Spalding), made of high-quality material and at a great price, online in our shop!

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Interesting facts about basketball

Basketball was once developed by a Canadian as an indoor ball game and is now known all over the world. Basketball is a very popular ball sport, especially in the USA and China. Team sport has been an official Olympic discipline since 1936 and teams from all over the world play exciting matches. Successful basketball players are mostly tall, athletic young men who are real artists on the ball. Their size makes it easier to throw them into the basketball hoop. An ideal basketball (the official basketball) has a weight of up to 625 g and a circumference of 75 cm. Since the basketball match ball is bounced or rather dribbled during the game, it should have a good return and a non-slip surface for optimal ball control.

What types of basketballs are there?

We have basketballs for beginners and professionals. In our online shop, official NBA basketball match balls, training basketballs, method balls or basketball soft balls for beginners and professionals are available. All of these products on basketball balls convey an optimal feeling and are available in different ball sizes for men and women. An ideal basketball (original basketball or official basketball) has a weight of up to 625 g and a circumference of 75 cm. Since the basketball match ball is bounced or dribbled during the game, it should have a good return. You can not only buy basketball balls with different ball properties from us, but also original baseball balls in different sizes. For example, we have size 3 basketball balls that are smaller and lighter than traditional adult basketball balls. For this reason, these basketball balls are suitable for children from 6 years. It is particularly important for children that they use smaller basketball balls for children. For teenagers and adults we offer original basketballs or the official basketball from Manufacturers such as Molten or Spalding. The original basketball or an official basketball must be certified and recognized by DBB and FIBA. These balls are characterized by their long durability.

Are there different surfaces for basketball balls (match ball)?

A basic distinction is made between models for indoor and outdoor areas. These are each made of different materials. There are also so-called multi-purpose balls that can be used indoors and outdoors. The balls that are used in the hall, e.g. The original NBA basketball or the official basketball in the Bundesliga are mostly leather balls or consist of a special composite leather. The outdoor balls, on the other hand, are not leather balls, but are mostly made from a small amount of leather. They are made entirely of rubber. Because rubber is more resilient and less sensitive, which is why the production of rubber basketballs is particularly suitable for the outdoor area. The basketballs for use in the hall as well as the balls for use in the outdoor area should both have optimal grip. Basketball balls that do not contain any special technology to protect against air loss should be inflated regularly, which is possible with conventional ball pumps.
Sizes & diameters of an original basketball

The official sizes of an original basketball (e.g. also used as a match ball in the Bundesliga BBL) are:

  • Size 7: ball circumference of 75-78 cm, weight of 565-650 g, is used in the men's age group
  • Size 6: circumference of the ball 72-74 cm, weight 530-550 g, is used in the age of women & youth (m) U14
  • Size 5: ball circumference of 69-71 cm, weight of 450-500 g, is used in the age group of children up to 11 years
  • Size 3: circumference of the ball 55-58 cm, weight 300-350 g, is used in the age of children up to 8 years

Discover our wide range of different models of original basketballs or official basketballs with great grip, made of high-quality material, from well-known brands (e.g. Wilson or Spalding) and at low prices. In our shop you will also find the original NBA basketball, which makes you feel like an NBA basketball player. The official basketballs or the original basketball match balls are characterized by particularly high quality, long durability, an attractive design and optimal playing characteristics.