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Kübler Sport® Starting Block
Kübler Sport® Starting Block
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For a successful sprint not only the right basic speed is required, it is the start that decides on a successful race. The reaction to the starting signal is particularly important here in order to get off to a good start. At Kübler Sport you will find starting clapper and other material for an optimal start during training or competition.

Ready, Steady, GO!

With starting clapper or start pistol: the starting signal for a sprint


If the starting shot is fired in the sprint, a quick reaction is required: if you can not only run fast, but also react at lightning speed at the start and quickly pick up speed from the starting block, you have a much better chance of winning. Whether the starter uses a starting pistol or a starting clapper makes no difference for the sprinter. Start pistols are usually used in connection with an electronic time measurement, since most start pistols can be connected to the time measurement via a cable. If the time is measured by hand, such as in athletics in school sports, the starting clapper is used. The starting clapper consists of two multiplex plate halves that are connected with a hinge. Each half has a so-called viewing area, usually a semicircle at the top. The two halves are then beaten together as a start signal.


How do you use a starting clapper?

Correct use of the starting clapper is particularly important for stopping times as accurately as possible. The starter should line up at the start in such a way that the semicircles of the visible surface point towards the goal, in the best case he stands slightly on a starter platform. Then the start command follows: The starter grabs the starting clapper by the two brackets and lifts it wide open over his head while he gives the command to the athletes. As soon as all athletes sit quietly in their starting blocks, the command "Done" is given, in which the athletes move to the finished position. At the same time, the starter closes the starting clapper halfway, so that a V-shape can be seen. In the last step, the starter vigorously strikes the two halves of the starting clapper together for an optimal sound effect. The acoustic start signal allows the athletes to react and start from the starting block, while the timekeepers at the finish line receive the visual start signal of the coming visible areas to start the time measurement. It is important that the timekeepers concentrate on the optical signal, since the sound is slower than the light that transports the optical start signal. If the timekeepers only reacted to the sound, the measurement would be very inaccurate because the athletes would already have started at this point.


Buy starting clappers and other accessories for starting

When buying a starting clapper, care should be taken to ensure that the flap has a good sound effect and has clearly visible display areas. At best, the two halves of the display area have a color that contrasts well with the surroundings of the sports field, for example yellow and black. It is also important that the starting clapper is stable to guarantee a long period of use. Our starting clappers meet all of these conditions. The Kübler Sport starting clapper consists of glued multiplex boards and splinter-free polystyrene and is therefore very stable. The black and yellow visible surfaces in the form of two semicircles are still clearly visible even from a great distance and the sound effect is also great. Thanks to metal brackets, the flap is easy to grip.


In addition to starting clappers, our range also includes other accessories for a good start and successful timing. With a starter platform, the starter gets an elevated standing position and is therefore more visible. The electronic timing system with light barriers ensures exact results.

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