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The sprint of an athlete with an upright pole vault pole alone is very spectacular, but the decisive factor for the success of a jump is whether the power is optimally transferred from the athlete to the pole and back to the athlete . You can find the right pole vault stick for training and competition in different lengths and for different body weights in the Kübler Sport Online Shop.

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Professional pole vault poles for clubs and schools

Spectacular and demanding: the pole vault

Pole vault, together with javelin throwing, is the most complex technical discipline in athletics. The requirements for the pole vaulter are high due to the demanding movements during the jump, in addition to coordination and jumping ability, gymnastics skills are also important. The decisive element for the success of a jump are puncture and jump. The puncture takes place in the puncture box, which is followed by a forward-oriented jump. The energy from starting and jumping leads to the bending of the rod, which in turn accelerates the athlete. Before the rod transfers its power to the athlete, the athlete must come to an extended position with the feet facing the crossbar (comparable to a handstand). This phase is called rolling up.

Pole vault is not only performed as a single discipline, but is also part of the men's decathlon. The world record for men is 6.16 m, the women's world record is 5.06 m.

What is a pole vault pole?

While bamboo sticks were used in the past, modern pole vault poles are usually made from carbon fiber reinforced or glass fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP or GFRP) because this material is particularly stable but at the same time very flexible. The rods are hollow on the inside, which is why the end with which the puncture box is inserted is additionally provided with a rounded rubber plug. Depending on the weight and strength of the athlete, the length and thickness of the pole vaulting rod vary between 3 and 5.20 meters in length and a diameter of approximately 5 cm. The optimal grip height of a pole vault pole is usually marked in color. If the rod is gripped at this point, the athlete can best use the bending properties of the rod. The bars are divided into degrees of hardness according to length and elasticity (bending), the so-called flex numbers.

Buy the right pole vault pole

Which pole an athlete uses for a certain jump height is usually determined by trying out during training, but experienced athletes change from soft to harder sticks in competition with increasing jump height, because the harder the pole vault pole, the better the power can be transmitted. At Kübler Sport you will find high-quality spring bars made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic (GRP), for example from the renowned brand UCS / spirit, in a large selection of different lengths and with degrees of hardness for many different athlete weights. Spare parts such as replacement plugs or other accessories such as storage for spring bars are also available in our online shop.

How to transport pole vault poles

Pole vaulters usually transport their poles in long plastic tubes, converted rain pipes or special bags. These are usually attached to the roof racks of the car for the race to the competition.

Pole vault for children

In order to introduce children to the pole vault in an age-appropriate manner, there is the discipline of the pole long jump in children's athletics. Here you jump into a long jump pit with a shorter diving stick, the sand serves as a puncture box. Kübler Sport offers you spring bars made of wood, GRP or fiberglass, as well as target mats and other accessories.