Floating Rafts & Water Rugs

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Children's rafts and water rugs are very popular, as they open up a variety of play options in and on the water. At Kübler Sport you will find rafts, boards and water rugs in different shapes and sizes for your indoor or outdoor pool.

Fun and balance on the water

What is the difference between a raft and  water rug?

A raft, just like a water or floating rug, is usually made of multi-layer foam that offers the object so much buoyancy that it floats on the surface. Both are popular play equipment in the swimming pool of indoor and outdoor pools and are very challenging. The main difference between a raft and a water mat is stability and buoyancy. While a raft is very stable and does not deform or sink even with a large number of children, the water rug is softer and more flexible. If a child steps on the rug, it sinks slightly, but without the rug going under water. Both variants are light in weight and offer countless possibilities: from children's birthdays and events to water habitation and therapeutic purposes to special play equipment in the indoor pool.

What options does a raft offer?

Climbing, diving, swimming, floating, a raft offers children a lot of opportunities to play and let off steam. Once launched, the children can climb the raft, use it as a boat or as an island to relax. But also a lot of games are possible with the raft or a water rug. If several rafts or rugs are strung together, relay races or races can be carried out on the water. Exciting game modules and angled surfaces can also be laid out in the water. Even balance games are possible with a raft: if you lose your balance, you just land in the water. The “boarding” of an occupied raft is also extremely popular with the children.

For attachment, a floating rug can be attached to a buoy, floating line, the edge of the pool or another anchor point using eyelets and a line. Of course, several rugs can also be safely connected in this way. At the swimming lake, in the swimming pool or in the sea - for swimming fun on the beach, rafts and water rugs can also be used in salt water, but it makes sense to rinse them with fresh water afterwards to extend their lifespan.

Buying a raft and/ or water rug

Regardless of whether it is a round floating raft as an island or a rectangular water rug: In our range you will find various swimming rafts and foam water rugs in different sizes, so that you will find something suitable for your swimming pool. Our frog float offers a high level of challenge and ensures even more fun in your swimming pool. The round floating raft island or the floating raft in rectangular also inspire children at events, in the swimming course or at children's birthday parties. Each raft is particularly stable and robust, which guarantees a long life of the raft. A particularly high buoyancy makes the raft practically unsinkable, even with a large number of children at the same time. Thanks to their light weight, the rafts can also be cleaned up quickly and easily after use. The O’Brien water rug also delights many children: simply laid out on the water and attached to an anchor point (e.g. pool edge or floating line), the water rug is immediately ready for use. The kids love to run over the water or run around on the mat.

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