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Diving boards are the must-haves in a swimming pool and by every swimming pool. Be it competitive athletes in art jumping or tower diving or recreational athletes diving from the pool edge into the swimming pool, diving boards are very popular. In our online shop you will find suitable, non-slip diving board and diving board accessories for different water depths and jump heights.

High-quality, non-slip diving boards & accessories for swimming pools

Diving boards for swimming pools at a great price

A diving board is part of the classic equipment of every swimming and leisure pool and is always a lot of fun. For ambitious swimmers and water jumpers, you will find high-quality diving boards and diving boards in the Kübler Sport online shop. We also offer diving boards and various diving board variants for leisure pools in every jump height and for every pool depth or water depth, which can be used both in the swimming pool and in the outdoor pool.


What are the advantages of diving boards?

The diving boards in our online shop have the following features:

  • Resistant to chlorine water
  • Extremely weather resistant
  • Maintenance-free

Accessories for diving boards

At Kübler Sport not only springboards in different jump heights are available, but also the right accessories. Among other things, you can Order repositories for diving boards, a diving board support or a roller adjustment for diving boards online from us. In order to increase the life of the diving board, it is advisable to replace the springboard repository every now and then. The bearing blocks of the springboard repository are provided with plastic bushings for noise reduction. In addition to the springboard repository, you need a springboard pad for the optimal jump from the water springboard. Alternatively, you can also store the diving board on a diving board roller. With the help of the diving board roller, the diving board at the pool edge is adjustable.

Order the right diving board now for attractive prices for your diving pool in the indoor pool or the pool at home for your children. Our boards are not only associated with the highest level of safety (for example, with anti-slip on the platforms) and a large portion of fun, but also give optimal conditions for very good technical jumping into the water. Do not only buy yourself numerous meters from a slide, but also equip your swimming pool or pool with a diving board (height in meters)!

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