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We offer practical diving sets for children and adults. You will find a large selection of different diving sets and snorkeling sets for optimal snorkeling, swimming and diving in the swimming pool or in open water. The diving equipment, diving goggles, fins, glasses, diving mask and all other models have an optimal fit, very good wearing comfort and an attractive price. Convince yourself of our high quality and buy the diving set models in the profile that suits you.

High-Quality and robust diving sets for children and adults

What are diving sets?

Diving set, snorkel set with snorkel mask and blow-out valve or dry snorkel, diving rings made of highly robust silicone from Kübler Sport fulfill several tasks. They playfully introduce children to diving, bring variety to the water, and can be used for a variety of educational games and fun in the water. The bright colors of the diving sets, snorkeling set and diving games and the child-friendly design have a high appeal character and are also easy to recognize under water. So the first attempts at diving are easy. All sets make high quality material (silicone) and are available in different sizes and from different manufacturers. In addition, the diving sets are complete sets and have a headband with very high wearing comfort.


Product range included in diving sets

We offer a large selection of different diving sets that are suitable for children and adults. The following products are a small selection:

  • Diving set with swim fins and diving mask with nose catcher and safety glass
  • Diving tires and diving rings
  • diving Animals
  • Snorkel, snorkel mask, snorkel set with blow-off valve or dry snorkel and diving mask with nose catcher and safety glass

All diving sets with flippers support young and old in learning to dive and sometimes offer an attractive way to get a set. For example, the snorkel set includes a diving mask and snorkel. This has the advantage that you do not have to buy the products individually. The diving masks have an optimal field of vision and nose catcher, as well as a very pleasant mask strap or head strap.


Learn diving easily with our diving sets

Diving rings and tires bring fun into the water and make learning to dive very easy. The rings can be used in many ways, because the level of difficulty can be increased as required by constantly new diving games. Change the distances between the diving rings or allow experienced divers to dive through diving arches with a good field of vision.


Buying diving sets for children

Anxious children can be introduced to diving through the mask snorkel set (very wide diving mask). On the surface of the water you learn to keep your face under water and at the same time gain self-confidence to dive into the pool floor. In the swimming pool and especially in open water, such as in the sea or at the swimming lake, you can explore the exciting underwater world with a mask and snorkel. Children and adults alike enjoy diving through the semi-circular diving tires. Different, simple and challenging diving games are also possible here. For example, combine the diving tires with a collection of the objects of the neoprene diving set. Buy the right equipment and get even more fun in the water!

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