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Various aids are used in the area of aqua fitness, including the very popular aqua jogging belt. It is used not only for aqua jogging itself, but also for many other exercises and programs in aqua aerobics.

  1. Beco® Aqua Jogging Belt MAXI
    Beco® Aqua Jogging Belt MAXI
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  2. Beco® BEbelt Slim
    Beco® BEbelt Slim
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  3. tanga sport® Aquajogging belt
    tanga sport® Aquajogging belt
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What is an aqua jogging belt used for?

An aqua jogging belt is worn as a buoyancy aid for aqua or water jogging. Aqua jogging itself is becoming increasingly popular. No wonder, because the effective training strengthens the cardiovascular system and thus promotes health. The buoyancy in the water reduces your own body weight and the exercises are carried out in a way that is gentle on the joints. Aqua jogging originally comes from rehabilitation, but has made it to fitness and popular sports. A belt for aqua jogging offers the necessary security, stabilizes the body in the water and gives a little buoyancy without restricting movement.

In addition to the belts, aqua jogging can also be carried with leg swimmers, which create additional buoyancy on the legs. Attention: An aqua jogging belt is not a swimming belt and should not be used as a swimming aid in deep water or swimming lessons! It is only intended as an aid in aqua aerobics.

Is aqua jogging only for old people?

Anyone who asks this question has never tried aqua jogging. The great thing about this sport is that you can adapt the exercises and the intensity to the respective sporting goal. In this way, aqua jogging is suitable for every age group and for every sporting ambition. Regardless of whether you do aqua aerobics, want to train your condition with aqua running, an increased form of aqua jogging, or use water running to lose weight, this sport also makes young people sweat. Aqua jogging is therefore suitable for everyone and has long lost its reputation as a senior sport. It is not for nothing that top athletes use it to improve performance and fitness.

A high-quality aqua jogging belt offers great comfort

A belt for aqua jogging is worn as a buoyancy device directly on the body, so that comfort is important. A high-quality aqua jogging belt is characterized above all by the fact that it is not really noticed during the movement unit. After all, in aqua jogging you want to concentrate on physical activity and not on your belt. So that an aqua jogging belt fits snugly against the body, it has an adjustable strap. This makes it flexibly adaptable and an optimal fit is guaranteed, and most belts are also offered in one universal size. The elastic foam material also ensures a comfortable fit and the snap-in closure enables the belt to be put on and taken off quickly and easily.

A high quality aqua jogging belt can be recognized by the following features:

  • Flexible foam that does not restrict freedom of movement
  • Perfect fit - the belt fits your body perfectly
  • Clever closure such as the snap-in patent closure or click closure
  • adjustable webbing
  • Rounded edges for increased comfort

The right care for an aqua jogging belt

A belt for aqua jogging can basically be used in chlorine and salt water. You do a lot of good to the training device, however, if you rinse it off with clear water after use to remove the chlorine and salt residues. Grains of sand from the beach can also significantly damage the material and should be removed thoroughly. This protects the material and it remains supple for longer. In this way you can significantly extend the life of the aqua jogging belt.