Water Quench Basic 30


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medical_trainingsequipmentTraining devices approved according to the Medical Devices Act (MPG) which are specially designed for use on patients.

Water Quench Basic 30

The Basic 30 water quench is a heat transfer medium. Water quenches are the classic alternative to the classic mud treatment equipment. The treatment apparatus is used exclusively in medical facilities, as well as in physical therapy facilities, for treatment in heat therapy.
The water quench is a stainless steel container with a heating mat. The water is introduced into the container and heated to about 60 ° C. within 2 hours. Then you should then insert the reusable heat transfer medium with bog filling. The heat transfer media require approx. 45 minutes until they have reached their operating temperature. After this, you can use the Moor heat transfer medium for catching treatment.

Product features water quench Basic 30 digital:
- Cover with handlebar and 2 hinges
- Energy-saving insulation against heat losses
- Operation indicator light
- Temperature: 30 ° - 110 ° degrees adjustable
- Drain tap for water drainage
- Device connection cable with plug 1,8 m

The storage of the heat transfer medium is provided by a storage tray with spacers. The number of heat carriers refers to the pack size: 30 x 40 cm.
- Capacity: 10 heat carriers 30 x 40 cm
- Internal volume: 30 l
- Power: 765 watts, operating voltage 230 V, 50 Hz
- Internal dimensions: (W x H x D) 30.5 x 18.5 x 51 cm
- Outside dimensions: (W x H x D) 36 x 37.5 x 63 cm

The training room in physiotherapy can be designed in various ways. As an alternative to the established appliances, such as hot-air faucets or catcher, there is the water-bath treatment unit. The water bath can boast a positive energy balance as opposed to the catcher and the warming cabinet. The handling of moor packs and heat loads is somewhat simplified and more economical than the classic fishing packs. In addition, the use also results in a time saving for you and your employees.
The water bath is am alternative to the Fango-Paraffin prepatation station and the holding cabinet, the water Quench can score with high energy efficiency. The handling of mud packs and heat carriers is somewhat simplified and more economical. In addition, results from the use of a time savings for you and your employees.
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