VARIO-Box MINI Synthetic Leather, red

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VARIO-Box MINI Synthetic Leather, red

The VARIO-Kasten-MINI is an ideal sports equipment for children's gymnastics in clubs, primary schools, and kindergartens. The height can be easily adjusted: by removing the middle element, climbing, balancing, and jumping can be practiced at a lower height. The colorful colors are child-friendly and encourage play, fun, and sports.

The indentations in the box lid provide children with a foothold when climbing up; they also allow for the attachment of balance beams, ladders, or balance beams. This trains balance and motor skills on flat and inclined surfaces. Jumping with a safe landing completes the exercise.

The vaulting box becomes the central design element for creative equipment arrangements, for example in a movement course. This offers new variations for movement sequences in the design of physical education classes, which would not be possible without indentations in the boxes.


- Length: 100 cm
- Width: 50 cm
- Height: 70 cm
- Material: Box parts made of birch plywood, lid made of artificial leather (red)
- Color: Color combination green/orange/red


- 3-part vaulting box
- Includes built-in transport system with 4 swivel casters
- Vibrant colors inspire sports and play

Accessories in the online shop

- Gymnastic benches
- Mats (please consider fall protection)
- Ladder and bars for hanging

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