Vario-System Cable Bridge (without posts)

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Vario-System Cable Bridge (without posts)

Easy-to-install playground equipment for kindergartens, schoolyards, or public playgrounds. The Vario-System Climbing Park (Art. S4040) offers children aged 4 and up the following five stations, which can also be purchased individually, for swinging, balancing, climbing, and swinging:

- Vario-System Square (Art. S4042)
- Vario-System Climbing Net (Art. S4043)
- Vario-System Hanging Rope (Art. S4044)
- Vario-System Rubber Hammock (Art. S4045)
- Vario-System Spiderweb (Art. S4048)

The complete set also includes the five necessary support posts made of hot-dip galvanized steel (S4041) including the fastening elements.

Furthermore, the following Vario-System elements are available:
- Vario-System Rope Bridge (Art. S4046)
- Vario-System Climbing Ladder (Art. S4047)
- Vario-System Bridge (Art. S4049)
- Vario-System Rung Ladder (Art. S4050)
- Vario-System Climbing Basket (Art. S4051)

The individual elements of the Vario-System can be combined with each other as desired. An optimal playground equipment with a low fall height of 150 cm. Therefore, grass is sufficient as impact protection (except for the Spiderweb element: max. fall height 2.10 m). The grid spacing of each element is 2.25 m. The ropes and nets made of Hercules rope Ø 16 mm guarantee high color fastness and exceptional abrasion resistance.


- Uprights made of hot-dip galvanized steel (ø 102 mm, 300 cm long) with red cover caps
- Red special paint for self-painting included
- All ropes and nets made of Hercules rope Ø 16 mm, 6-strand with steel core
- Safety area depends on installation angle
- Device height: approximately 220 cm
- Max. Fall height: 1.5 m, therefore grass allowed as fall protection (except for the spider net)
- Suitable for children aged 4 and above
- Installation of posts: directly into concrete foundation
- All playground equipment complies with DIN EN 1176

Please note when ordering the individual playground equipment that the posts are not included and must be ordered separately.

Caution: Use only under direct supervision of adults!
Attention: Use under direct supervision of adults. The item complies with DIN EN 1176.

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