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We offer you a large selection of high quality & highly elastic therapy trampolines. Therapeutic trampolines with suspension by rubber cables or traditionally by springs. With these therapy trampolines, you will be optimally equipped in: Physiotherapy, physiotherapy, rehabilitation and occupational therapy.

Buy high quality, strong and robust therapy trampolines

Where are therapy trampolines used?

Trampolines are now part of the permanent equipment of e.g. Physiotherapy practices or rehabilitation centers. These devices feature the following advantages:

  • Strengthens and mobilizes muscles, especially after injuries
  • Mobilization of joints, such as the hip joints
  • Prevention of cardiovascular, strength endurance
  • Weight loss training
  • Joint and back-friendly training due to lower body weight during the jumps (especially good for problems with intervertebral discs or arthrosis)
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Destressing
  • Combats joint stiffness
  • Opening of the lymphatic vessels or improvement of the lymphatic drainage in the lymphatic channels and thus activation of the lymphatic circulation
  • Activation of the vein pump with the effect of an improved oxygen uptake and a better metabolism in the cells

Trampolines are particularly suitable for fall prevention and have a particularly positive training effect when working with stroke patients. ADHD children's ability to concentrate can also be improved when exercising on a therapy trampoline. Trampoline therapy is not only used to strengthen muscles and the mobility of joints or to avoid restricted movement, but can also be used in cystic fibrosis patients to loosen the mucus or to stimulate lymphatic flow. Because the lymphatic system reacts very well to trampoline jumping. Regardless of the patient's case, everyone feels a total weightlessness when jumping. However, you should definitely secure the therapy trampoline with jumping mats. When training in fitness, trampoline training is often used using your own weight. The trampoline swing is used to improve the supporting muscles, build muscles and the fitness trampolines can lead to weight loss by jumping on their jumping surface. The swinging of the sports equipment is not only effective, but also a lot of fun

The biggest difference: the suspension of the trampolines

The trampolines from Kübler Sport are all characterized by a long service life, abrasion-resistant, non-marking screw feet, as well as excellent jumping properties and are highly elastic. The type of suspension of the jumping device and the associated elasticity of the jumping mat make the biggest difference in trampolines. Therapy trampolines made of steel springs are particularly suitable for training with overweight people, since these trampolines have increased stability due to a harder suspension. In addition, the steel suspension offers a stable ascent option. A suspension with a rubber cable, on the other hand, is particularly suitable for trampoline jumping, for example for osteoporosis patients or patients with intervertebral disc problems, since this suspension with a rubber cable is more elastic and therefore less stress on the joints. A trampoline with rubber ropes can be used by different people with different demands on the hardness of the suspension for trampoline jumping.

Other differences from trampolines

Therapy trampolines can have rigid or retractable feet. Trampolines with foldable feet are particularly suitable for mobile use or for stowing in tight spaces. If, on the other hand, you rarely need to move the trampoline, you can use a therapy trampoline with rigid feet. When buying a therapy trampoline, you also have to decide whether it should have a handle or not. The handles are particularly suitable for training with seniors and patients with poor balance. On the one hand, the grab handle provides support when getting on the trampoline, and on the other hand it gives the trainee a certain amount of support during the exercises. For even more varied training, you will find trampolines with different diameters, such as a mini trampoline with a particularly small diameter, or a therapy trampoline with rope rings. So it can be said that the minutes on the trampoline (especially swinging) can be very effective and targeted for the body, and represent a real alternative to conventional jogging.

Trampoline purchase

With us you will find a large selection of different models of therapy trampolines. From the Heymans mini trampoline to the trimilin trampoline with handle, we provide all kinds of therapeutic trampolines. Regardless of whether it concerns the equipment of entire trampoline halls or the purchase of trampolines for swing walking, in our online shop you have great options for equipping your practice with a therapy trampoline. With our therapy trampolines, every exuberant feels fitter and does something good for his health and his body.

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