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Occupational Therapy

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Any accessories for occupational therapy and/or speech therapy are available at Kübler Sport. Group games, swings, products for sand therapy and other therapy material can be discovered in our online shop and conveniently ordered online.

  1. Coasters
    Immediately available
  2. tanga sports® Bean Bags
    tanga sports® Bean Bags
    Immediately available
  3. Eye mask
    Eye mask
    Immediately available
  4. funnoodle ø 7 cm, 78 cm
    funnoodle ø 7 cm, 78 cm
    Immediately available
  5. Anti-Aggression Puncher
    Anti-Aggression Puncher
    Immediately available
  6. SPORDAS SpiderBall
    SPORDAS SpiderBall
    Immediately available
  7. Physio reflex ball
    Physio reflex ball
    Immediately available
  8. Oball®
    Immediately available
  9. Erzi® Teamtower
    Erzi® Teamtower
    Immediately available
  10. Floor-marking-letters
    Immediately available
  11. Gonge® Spinning Disc
    Gonge® Spinning Disc
    Only a few left in stock
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A large selection of occupational therapy material & speech therapy equipment

What is occupational therapy?

Perception, the addressing of the senses, movement or movement sequences, mental and physical development are important cornerstones in occupational therapy & speech therapy. The occupational therapy form of therapy addresses these issues and develops special therapeutic approaches and methods for treating and promoting people of all ages. With the help of activities such as handicrafts, painting or balance exercises, physical and psychological restrictions in patients can be improved and fine motor skills, as well as movement sequences are trained depending on the clinical picture and they can be completely manufactured. Neurology, pediatrics, orthopedics, psychiatry etc. - the occupational therapy requirements are great and in our online shop you will find an extensive selection of occupational therapy material. With various playful applications, such as Practical group games, these basics in occupational therapy can be taught quickly, easily and with lots of fun. Sensory trainers train the various senses and are also part of the sensorimotor system. The sensorimotor system is the interplay of motor and sensory functions, which then control and control movements. The overall goal is to restore the skills in everyday life through suitable activities and exercises so that sick people can continue their work or visit their workplace again.

Discover speech therapy

In addition to sensorimotor skills, group games and sensory trainers, speech therapists work with therapy material such as Therapy mirrors, hand puppets and various other means of communication. This is about improving deficits in expression and speaking, as well as training for improved concentration. In addition to therapy, prevention and rehabilitation, the therapist takes care of swallowing, hearing and speaking disorders using various techniques for each specific illness. Corresponding deficits can be worked up with hand puppets in a relaxed and playful atmosphere, especially for children, and practical skills and independence can be achieved over the years, for example to live alone. In addition, speech blocks can be released with the hand puppets.
Occupational therapy material

In our online shop you will find many different options for therapy purposes and for the therapy needs of every occupational therapist. These include:

  • Swings & Hammocks
  • Equipment to train your senses
  • Anti-aggression bats
  • Beanbag
  • Hedgehog balls
  • Activity Courses

Speech therapy equipment

In the area of speech therapy, we have many products that can help to improve deficits in terms of expression and speech. These include:

  • Balance wheel
  • Oral motor tools
  • Therapy mirrors
  • Bubble game

At Kübler Sport you will find a wide range of high-quality occupational therapy materials and materials for the speech therapy area for use in medical practices, schools, kindergartens, ergo schools or therapy facilities! With our large selection of therapy products for therapy needs in occupational therapy, we make every occupational therapist and every practice in physical therapy happy.