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Fascia & their function are often underestimated. For this reason, it is all the more important that you carry out good fascia training and repeatedly treat and massage the fascia or the myofascial tissue (fascia massage). For fascia therapy or fascia training, fascia sticks or this massage roller, in addition to fascia rollers or fascia balls, are particularly suitable. Discover our large selection of high-quality & robust fascia sticks from well-known brands, such as Pedalo or Blackroll, and simply order the right product online. The role can be used both before and after sport training or as a fitness role (fitness area). Our roles impress with great prices.

  1. Richelli's Massagecorbra
    Richelli's Massagecorbra
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  2. Richelli's Spinemover
    Richelli's Spinemover
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  3. Richelli's Dino
    Richelli's Dino
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  4. Richelli's Physio Set
    Richelli's Physio Set
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  5. Richelli's Painreliever
    Richelli's Painreliever
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  6. pedalo® Fascia Sticks
    pedalo® Fascia Sticks
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  7. Massage cross
    Massage cross
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  8. Hardwood Massage Stick
    Hardwood Massage Stick
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  9. Index Knobber® II
    Index Knobber® II
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  10. Palmassager®
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  11. Jacknobber® II
    Jacknobber® II
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  12. Thera-Band® Roller Massager
    Thera-Band® Roller Massager
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  13. SISSEL® Spiky Twin Roller
    SISSEL® Spiky Twin Roller
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  14. Richelli's 3Dthumb
    Richelli's 3Dthumb
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  15. Massage Bar
    Massage Bar
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20 Items

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High quality fiber sticks for therapists & for self-massage

What are fascia?

Fascia are part of the connective tissue of the human body and a three-dimensional tissue. The fascia envelop all muscles and organs and keep them in shape. The fascia or the fascia tissue form their own organ system and not only keep everything in shape, but connect everything with everything and form muscle chains, so-called myofascial structures. Fascia tissue can twist, harden or stick due to incorrect loading, lack of movement or incorrect positioning. This may result in muscle tension (trigger points) on the neck, neck, shoulder, back or legs. These can radiate into other areas or lead to movement restrictions. A fascia training or therapy of the fascia can release these muscle tensions or trigger points, keeps the connective tissue soft and elastic, combats pain at the trigger points and increases the flexibility of the muscles. It is precisely in this fascia therapy that the so-called fascia trainers are used, such as fascia sticks (massage roller or muscle roller), fascia rollers (foam roller or muscle roller) or fascia balls from Blackroll. Before and after training or in the fitness area, these roles or massage roles can be used for the therapy of tense muscle groups and have proven themselves in these sports areas as important aids or as a great device in massage accessories.


What are fascia sticks?

You can treat and massage the muscles and fascia tissue with a fascia stick. With this rod you can also perform a selective self-massage on the back, thighs and lower legs, as well as on the foot muscles. The advantages of a fascia rod over e.g. A fascia roll is that the punctual pressure on the body area is determined by the hands. This means that the intensity of the massage is not determined by your own body weight, but a targeted pressure impulse from the hands is exerted on the massage roller. So you can use the wand to determine the intensity of the treatment or the pressure on the skin or body area yourself. As a result, fascia and muscles can be optimally massaged and mobilized.


Buy fascia stick

Our fascia sticks are all characterized by the following product details or properties:

  • Special surface structure enhances the massage effect and nutrient transport & promotes blood circulation
  • For self-massage (fascia massage) e.g. suitable in the neck
  • Optimal for fascia stretch and fascia mobilization
  • Easy to clean
  • Robust
  • Available in different sizes (different lengths) and with different surfaces or handles
  • Made of high quality materials
  • The use of a massage stick or a massage device promotes blood circulation and leads to fascia mobilization and fascia stretching.

The fascia sticks with different lengths in our shop are not only of very high quality, convince with numerous product details (e.g. handles) and are extremely resilient, but are also ideal for self-massage, as well as for use in the case of muscular complaints (massage roller), to mobilize the Fascia, to loosen adhesions in the fascia tissue and to increase the blood circulation and nutrient transport of the connective tissue and the muscles or muscle groups (fitness role). With a massage stick or fascia stick you can not only perform a fascia training very well, but also perform a massage. During the regeneration period, the use of fascia sticks is also very good. The massage roller or fitness roller can also be used well in combination with other fascia balls and then convince in several points. Order the right fascia wand now at a great price and do something good for your body and your health! With a fascia stick you have a great new aid in your massage accessories or a great device for your fitness training. The foam roller is particularly effective in combination with another device from the field of fascia training.