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Bobath tables offer you a very large therapy area. Different pad widths and accessories, such as a headboard, create further therapy options. The therapy table is used in physiotherapy and occupational therapy, but also in clinics and rehabilitation, as well as in schools and kindergartens.

Bobath tables for effective therapy

How did it all start and what is Bobath Therapy?

The Bobath couple developed the famous Bobath Therapy in the 1940s, which treats adults and children with neurological diseases. This therapeutic approach is used especially after a stroke or in the case of childhood developmental disorders. The aim is to eliminate the disturbances and restore everyday physical functions through appropriate exercises. The patient is actively involved in the movement sequences. So-called bobath tables are used for this. They are specially designed for Bobath therapy and make it easier for both the therapist and the patient to carry out the therapy. A Bobath therapy tables can of course also be used in classic physiotherapy and occupational therapy. Vojta therapy follows a similar concept to Bobath therapy. It stimulates the brain by stimulating it and was specifically developed for children and infants.

What makes a Bobath table stand out?

Characteristic of Bobath tables is their particularly large lying area. This ensures that the special exercises of Bobath or Vojta therapy can be carried out effectively. In addition, with some movement approaches it is necessary that both the patient and the therapist lie on the treatment tables. A correspondingly large therapy area is important for this. The lying surface is equipped with high quality upholstery with a hard-wearing synthetic leather cover. This makes cleaning and disinfection extremely effective and easy. A mobile, infinitely variable height adjustment is possible for the therapy surface; it is vertical and without lateral displacement. The height-adjustable tables for Bobath therapy is easily and ergonomically operated using a hand switch or foot switch. At Kübler Sport, a locking box is installed as standard on every electrically height-adjustable therapy tables, which enables the tables to be locked - this is usually done with a key.

The accessories for Bobath tables

If you want to buy a Bobath table, you can optionally have a headboard integrated as a supplement to the lying surface of the table table. This head section ensures an even higher level of comfort and is also height adjustable, which can be operated using a hand switch or foot switch. This in turn makes further exercises and movement sequences possible. Bobath tables should always be equipped with a very resilient and tilt-proof frame. Ultimately, the load-bearing capacity not only has to withstand the patient, but also the therapist in some cases. A robust wheel frame is installed for optimal and energy-saving transport. The lying surfaces are available in many different upholstery colors, such as light gray. The Bobath therapy tables can thus be individually designed and adapted to the existing practice furnishings.

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