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Over time, all the rigid sitting can cause the muscles in the lumbar vertebrae to slacken and the natural, forward-bent lumbar spine curvature is lost. If this is the case, back pain is inevitable. A lordosis pillow helps to take the correct sitting position and thus to maintain the natural curvature of the lumbar spine, the so-called lordosis.

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The lordosis pillow as a savior of the lumbar spine

How is a lordosis pillow shaped?

For this purpose, the lordosis cushion has a very special curvature to which the back adapts and thus supports the natural curvature of the lumbar spine. This can prevent back problems and pain and repair damage that has already occurred. Intervertebral discs can be relieved and a herniated disc can be prevented. However, the lordosis cushion cannot be used to treat a hollow back.

Relaxation in every situation

A lordosis pillow is made of elastic foam or memory foam and is placed on the back of a seat for use. There it functions as a lordosis support or lumbar support for the lower back (lumbar area) due to its ergonomic shape. In principle, it can be used for all types of seats, whether on long journeys in the car seat, on the office chair, in a wheelchair or on an airplane. The lordosis cushion is fixed to the chair using an elastic belt with a click fastener so that it cannot slip. The lordosis pillow can also be used when lying down, because the spine should be in the right position here too. The entire back is supported so that the muscles can relax. People who use the back cushion regularly know how relaxed a naturally shaped spine feels.

What should you watch out for when buying a lordosis pillow?

If you want to buy a lordosis pillow, you should first pay attention to the correct curvature, because this is the only way to ergonomically correct sitting. A strap should prevent the lordosis pillow from slipping when in use. It is important that the materials used are of particularly high quality, possibly made of an adaptable foam with a memory effect. For better hygiene, a removable cover should also be available to protect against dirt and sweat. Especially in summer, the pillow is affected by constant sweating. In this case, a washable cover is worth its weight in gold.

The most important points for a purchase decision at a glance:

  • a pleasant arch for relaxed back muscles
  • high quality materials
  • Strap for fixing
  • ergonomic fit
  • Possibly a removable and washable cover

How long should a lordosis pillow be used?

A seat cushion for the back area can and should usually be used over the long term, after all, a healthy sitting posture is desirable over the long term. Especially after long periods of sitting there is a tendency to deviate from the natural and healthy posture. This is the case with people with poor posture as well as with people with a healthy back posture. Basically, it makes sense to keep the application a little shorter at the beginning and only increase it over time. So you can get used to the posture and prevent unnecessary tension.