SECUMAR® Swim Collar 9S

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SECUMAR® Swim Collar 9S

The swim collar for hydrotherapy and rehabilitation, for unsure swimmers and for people with disabilities. The therapy collar allows for a comfortable position that keeps the head securely above water. It is used for safety during treatments in the therapy pool, medical baths or cleaning baths, as well as underwater massages in the bathtub.

The swim collar is additionally coated with a protective film made of polyurethane (PU) with a silky surface texture, which is skin-friendly and does not cause allergies. It also makes it resistant to cleaning and disinfecting agents as well as bath additives.


- Size S: neck circumference 28 - 32 cm
- Size M: neck circumference 33 - 38 cm
- Size L: neck circumference 39 - 43 cm
- Material: Nylon fabric in transparent gray polyurethane film
- Temperature range: -10 to 70 °C
- Color: gray
- Buoyancy: 100 N
- Inflatable through mouth valve
- Front plastic closure


- Skin-friendly and resistant
- Resistant to chlorine and easy to clean

User Manual

Place the swim collar around the neck in an uninflated state, with the valve positioned on the upper left side, and close the snap buckle. Inflate the collar using the mouth valve, and place the dust cap on the valve.

After use, rinse the swim collar with tap water and hang it up to dry. Deflate the swim collar through the mouth valve by turning the protective cap and pressing the valve insert downwards.

The therapy collar should only be used under supervision during medical bathing therapy. It should not be used as a flotation aid, but it does exhibit appropriate safety features for therapeutic applications.

Product datasheet

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FAQ | Produktfragen

Ist der Schwimmkragen Secumar 9S mit PU-Folie überzogen?
Der Schwimmkragen besteht aus Nylongewebe in transparent-grauer Polyurethan Folie.
Liegen die Schweißnähte beim Schwimmkragen Secumar 9S außen?
Die Schutzfolie besitzt eine seidige und hautfreundliche Oberflächenstruktur, sodass der Schwimmkragen einen hohen Tragekomfort bietet.
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