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With the volleyball balls and volleyball nets, volleyball posts are part of the basic equipment of the popular sports and team sport volleyball equipment. In our shop you will find the right volleyball post or net post for every application in volleyball. We have volleyball net posts for the beach area (beach volleyball), leisure, the outdoor area, school sports or club sports, as well as for competitions (tournament posts). Discover our large selection of different high-quality volleyball posts now and order the matching posts of your choice from well-known manufacturers easily online in our Kübler shop.
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High quality and competitive volleyball posts

What kind of volleyball posts are there?

The selection of a volleyball post depends on the location (indoor or outdoor) or purpose. In our range you will find posts from well-known manufacturers for training and competitions at tournaments, as well as net posts for indoor and outdoor use. Volleyball posts used in a competition or tournament must be marked with the DVV test mark 1 (DVV 1) and meet its requirements. Volleyball posts with the DVV 1 certification mark are used in Bundesliga, regional league and international tournaments and are placed on the designated field marking on the field. Compared to other posts, with DVV 1 volleyball post fully tensioned, the height can be continuously adjusted (net height from 1.55 - 2.50 meters). This eliminates the annoying readjustment or re-tensioning. There are also volleyball posts with a spindle tensioning device or with a pulley system (tensioning mechanism). A volleyball post with spindle tensioning device has an articulated crank. In comparison, there are no wearing parts such as a crank, joint or spindle on a volleyball post with a pulley system. With this system, twisting of the blocks and ropes is impossible. A volleyball post with a pulley system is easy to assemble and disassemble or tension, which is why this system or this post is particularly suitable for school sports. Because then the pupils can also set up the volleyball posts themselves and the mains voltage is suitable for the implementation of pupils (easy to use). You will also find suitable volleyball posts for beach volleyball nets, as well as suitable for various ground sleeves


Buying a volleyball post

The volleyball posts in the Kübler Sport range are characterized by the following properties and advantages:

  • Resilient and robust
  • Tournament post according to DVV regulations or requirements for the competition (DVV 1 & 2 test mark)
  • Accessories such as a tension line, crank or adapter are available
  • Different models or designs (different lengths), e.g. also a multi-game post for leisure
  • High quality of the material (e.g. anodized aluminum)
  • High stability
  • Fast and easy tensioning or good network tension or tensioning mechanism & relaxation of the network (e.g. by two-part tensioning device or holding device)
  • Stepless height adjustment (adjustable net height via the posts)
  • Matching ground sleeves
  • Ease of use
  • Also suitable designs or posts for beach volleyball or beach volleyball nets or beach volleyball facilities
  • From well-known manufacturers
  • Versions for indoor and outdoor games
  • Products according to DIN norm
  • Volleyball accessories such as Spindle, products for field marking or crank are also available
  • Available with holding device
  • Suitable for various ground sockets