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Hammer® 3 in 1 Net Set
Hammer® 3 in 1 Net Set
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Erleben Sie das Beste im Volleyballspiel mit den richtigen Volleyballnetzen: In unserem Kaufberater für Volleyballnetze finden Sie entscheidende Informationen, um das ideale Netz für Ihre Volleyballspiele auszuwählen.

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Volleyball is a popular sport for men and women in Germany. This sport is popular in leisure time or in competitions at tournaments. In addition to a volleyball ball, a suitable playing field marking or the post for the volleyball net, the volleyball net is part of the basic equipment in volleyball. In our shop you will find a large selection of different high-quality volleyball nets (DVV volleyball nets for school and recreational sports up to volleyball nets for competition or tournament nets with DVV 1 certification mark). With us there is definitely a suitable volleyball net for every player (recreational player or professional player).

High quality volleyball nets for every purpose

How are volleyball nets set up?

Regardless of where they are used, volleyball nets are usually made of polypropylene or polyethylene and must be knotless. This material is characterized by a high level of robustness, resilience and durability. Volleyball nets for the tournament or competition have the dimensions or the dimensions of 9.50 m x 1.00 m and are attached to posts by means of 4 or 6-point suspension. Volleyball nets with the DVV 1 test mark have a 6-point suspension. In comparison, volleyball nets according to DVV 2 or DVV have an attachment by means of 4-point suspension. In order to achieve a perfectly tensioned net or a perfect tension of the volleyball net, you should not only attach the volleyball net well to the posts, but also secure it with additional tension cord or tension rope (steel rope) on the sides of the volleyball net.


Are there any differences between the DVV volleyball nets with the test mark DVV 1 and DVV 2 nets?

Depending on the area of application (e.g. school sports or competition) there are different volleyball nets. DVV volleyball nets (training nets) are suitable for school sports and leisure activities. In comparison to or in contrast to volleyball nets with the DVV 1 or DVV 2 certification mark (tournament nets), these nets have an upper binding tape with a width of 55 mm, as well as a lateral border or lateral binding tape for the installation or fastening of the antennas. Volleyball players or volleyball teams in the Oberliga, Landes- and Verbandsliga (tournament networks) require volleyball networks with the DVV 2 certification mark. However, you should always observe the specific requirements of the national associations. For international tournaments, as well as the Bundesliga & Regional League, volleyball nets or tournament nets with the DVV 1 certification mark are required. In general, the volleyball nets for the competition (tournament nets) must be certified by the association (DVV). The networks for training (training network) or for use in schools or clubs must be particularly resilient and robust. The volleyball nets are suitable for use in the hall. For the outdoor area you have to use beach volleyball nets.


Buying a volleyball net

The volleyball nets in our range are all characterized by the following properties and advantages:

  • Simple assembly and disassembly on the net posts on the playing field or simple attachment of the net to the posts
  • Material of the volleyball net (polyethylene) in high quality (brand quality) and with high stability
  • Extremely robust and resilient
  • Tournament networks meet the requirements of the association (DVV)
  • Delivery with Kevlar rope (Kevlar rope so that the net does not slip into the frame)
  • Nets for different types of suspension on the field (e.g. 4 point suspension or 6 point suspension), as well as adjustable in height (net height)
  • In different sizes (variable in height or net height & length)
  • Including fiberglass polyester bars on the sides
  • Competitive mesh sizes
  • Durable color of the nets (black)
  • Volleyball nets with suitable tension cords or tension rope (steel rope)
  • Knotless nets with an ideal mesh size
  • In brand quality
  • complete network systems are available
  • Available with quick fasteners

Discover our large selection of knotless volleyball nets or complete net systems for the hall. The sports nets are suitable for use at the tournament (tournament network) as well as for use in leisure or school sports. Our volleyball nets are characterized by extreme durability, stability, resilience, high quality and correspond to the regulations in the competition of tournaments in the Bundesliga, Association League, Regionalliga, Oberliga as well as in international competitions (tournament networks). Discover the right volleyball net (tournament net or training net) for the hall at an affordable price. You can also find suitable products for beach volleyball sports, such as beach volleyball nets, or accessories for field marking, net posts, kevlar ropes or antennas in volleyball!

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