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For optimal beach volleyball equipment you need the right beach volleyball posts. We have high-quality beach volleyball posts including beach volleyball nets that are suitable for use in leisure as well as for competitions or tournaments. Discover our large selection of beach volleyball posts (also with DVV 1 Beach certification mark) and order the matching net post easily online in our shop at a great price.

Robust beach volleyball posts in accordance with official regulations

Beach volleyball - the popular game on sand

Beach volleyball is not only a popular team sport or sport in your free time (e.g. at school), but there are also numerous beach volleyball tournaments and international competitions (European Championships & World Championships). Especially in the summer months or in summer, many athletes play this sport in their free time or in competition. Beach volleyball is a setback game in which two teams, each with two players, face each other on a field separated by a beach volleyball net placed on the centre line of the field (beach volleyball court). The goal of the game is to hit or play the beach volleyball ball over the net on the opponent's floor (on the floor of the field) or the opposing half of the field, or to force the opponent or the opposing team to make a mistake. Beach volleyball is very similar to the volleyball played in the hall. In comparison, however, beach volleyball differs due to the number of players, the nature of the field and the shorter playing time. In addition, due to the conditions on sand, there are some special technical properties in beach volleyball. Beach volleyball, like volleyball in the hall, is organized by the world association FIVB. There are also numerous national associations. The size of the actual playing area is 16 x 8 m. Together with the run-out, the national field size for competition playing fields or facilities is 15 x 25 m, the international 19 x 28 m. With a beach volleyball facility, you need a beach volleyball field with the correct field marking. In addition to high-quality beach volleyball posts, you will also find the right balls for the beach volleyball game in our shop. We also have complete beach volleyball facilities with high-quality beach volleyball posts, a beach volleyball net (or net systems, with tournament net), as well as a suitable net attachment or net suspension.

Beach volleyball net with posts

For a beach volleyball game, you definitely need a suitable beach volleyball net with posts. The choice of beach volleyball posts depends on the place of use or purpose of use. Because for use in school or in your free time you do not necessarily need beach volleyball posts with a certification mark of the DVV Beach association. The main focus of this use is that the network posts are resilient, robust and stable. For a competition or a tournament, on the other hand, you need a beach volleyball net with posts, which is competitive. This means that these beach volleyball posts must have a DVV certification mark.


Buying beach volleyball posts

The beach volleyball posts and the products in our range are all characterized by the following advantages and points:

  • Points through advantages, such as high weather resistance and durability (e.g. through the powder-coated surface)
  • Resilient and robust
  • Some comply with the official regulations (DVV 1 test mark Beach)
  • Posts consist of a stable, powder-coated special aluminium profile
  • Available in different sizes and profiles or designs (different lengths)
  • Individually adaptable (e.g. net height or post height)
  • Simple and infinitely adjustable height or adjustment of the net height
  • Pulley tensioning device (pulley system) with uniform traction device
  • Net suspension is easy on the posts and can also be carried out by students
  • The insertion of the tension rope (Kevlar rope) for the mains tension or the tensioning device is very easily accessible
  • Additional rope clamp for re-tensioning the net (optimal net tension)
  • Quick and easy assembly and disassembly (also thanks to the pulley system)
  • Durable and clearly visible colours (mainly the colour yellow)
  • Great prices
  • Due to their high durability, parts do not quickly become wear parts. Otherwise you will also find all spare parts for wearing parts, such as a crank

Correct assemblance of the beach volleyball posts and beach volleyball nets

For the installation of the beach volleyball posts on a beach volleyball field, we have different ground sleeves or different versions of ground sleeve systems in our shop. A distinction is made between the following:

  • Version for permanent & permanent installation: 2 ground sleeves, each with 4 composite anchors, are screwed onto an existing foundation. There is also the model with removable ground sleeves.
  • Version for mobile use e.g. Temporary events: 2 ground sockets are temporarily placed on any surface and equipped with a set of squared timbers. The weight of the sand stabilizes the beach volleyball facility. There is also a fastening with two base plates with removable sleeves, which can be set up freely with a set of squared timbers.

Differences in the equipment in beach volleyball and volleyball

Basically, there are no serious differences between a volleyball net and a volleyball post for the hall and a net and a net post on the beach or in beach volleyball. The only differences are in the attachment of the volleyball nets to the volleyball posts. In the hall, the volleyball posts are attached to an existing hole in the floor. The placement of the posts in beach volleyball is somewhat more flexible. Because here it is easier to fix the posts somewhere else in the earth.

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