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Beach volleyball facilities for the leisure sector or beach volleyball facilities with the DVV 1 certification mark Beach - you will find all of these products for beach volleyball and the beach volleyball court here. In our shop there is a large selection of different beach volleyball facilities with high quality beach volleyball nets, posts and fastenings. Discover the right beach volleyball facility at an affordable price for your beach volleyball court for recreational players and professional players at the tournament and simply order the right product online in our shop.

High quality, resilient & robust beach volleyball facilities

Beach volleyball - the popular game on sand

Beach volleyball is not only a popular sport or sport in your free time, but there are also numerous beach volleyball tournaments and international competitions (European championships & world championships). Especially in the summer months or in summer, many athletes play this sport in their free time or in competition. Beach volleyball is a setback game in which two teams, each with two players, face each other on a field separated by a beach volleyball net placed on the center line of the field (beach volleyball court). The goal of the game is to hit or play the beach volleyball ball over the net on the opponent's floor (on the floor of the field) or the opposing half of the field, or to force the opponent or the opposing team to make a mistake. Beach volleyball is very similar to the volleyball played in the hall. In comparison, however, beach volleyball differs due to the number of players, the nature of the field and the shorter playing time. In addition, due to the conditions on sand, there are some special technical properties in beach volleyball, such as Pokeshot. surrender. Beach volleyball, like volleyball in the hall, is organized by the world association FIVB. There are also numerous national associations. The size of the actual playing area is 16 x 8 m. Together with the run, the national field size for competition playing fields is 15 x 25 m, the international field size 19 x 28 m. If you are planning to build a beach volleyball court or a beach facility for use in your free time, there should be at least three meters of spout on the side lines of the beach facility. Our beach volleyball facilities with suitable net fastenings and great net posts and nets are suitable for every athlete, every municipality, every city, every club and every organizer. You can also find the right balls for the beach volleyball game in our shop! Because the balls are not included in the set of a beach volleyball facility.

What kind of beach volleyball facilities are there?

A beach volleyball facility consists of beach volleyball posts, a beach volleyball net, and some products for attaching the net and the posts. In addition, the choice of beach volleyball facility depends on the place of use or the purpose of use. When used at school or in leisure time, a beach volleyball facility only has to meet a few requirements. Whereas the beach volleyball facilities for the competition or the tournament must be marked with the DVV (DVV 1 Beach) certification mark. In addition, the beach volleyball facilities differ in terms of their tensioning device (pulley or spindle tensioning device) on the posts and in terms of the ground sleeves (pegs are not required). No matter which clamping system or which ground sleeve you choose, you should always pay attention to the weather resistance.

Buying beach volleyball facility

The beach volleyball facilities in our range are all characterized by the following properties and advantages:

  • Extremely resilient and robust
  • Made of weather-resistant materials (powder-coated aluminum special profile, can be played in any weather)
  • Removable ground sleeves
  • Stepless adjustment of the height of the beach volleyball net and the posts
  • Various tensioning devices or tensioning mechanisms with tensioning lines for the network systems
  • Fast assembly, dismantling and conversion possible
  • Durable
  • Different ground sockets
  • With suitable network antennas for every network system and accessories such as cranks, tension lines or field lines or field boundaries
  • Network systems or beach volleyball systems are suitable for versatile use in the community, in the city, in a club or during competitions
  • Great prices

We are happy to support you in the selection of the right beach volleyball facility or in the planning and construction of a beach volleyball court or area for beach volleyball.

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