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Beach soccer is a variation of football and is played on the beach. However, this sport is not less fun than soccer. In our shop you will find a large selection of products or sports equipment that you need for optimal beach soccer equipment (e.g. high quality beach soccer balls or beach soccer goals). Discover the right product for beach soccer now and easily order it online in our shop.

Buying high-quality beach soccer equipment

What is beach soccer?

Beach soccer is a variation of soccer with the special feature that it is played on sand or on a beach. This is why it is called beach soccer. There are some professional athletes in beach soccer, as well as the world association Beach Soccer Worldwide (BSWW), which organizes numerous tournaments each year. There are also championships and tournaments in this sport, such as German championships or world championships. In Germany, beach soccer is also organized by the German Football Association (DFB) and played by women and men. In beach soccer two teams or teams with 5 players each play (3 field players and 1 goalkeeper). 3 to a maximum of 4 substitutes are not in the game. As in classic football, players wear pants and a jersey. In contrast, however, in the beach soccer game is played barefoot on the sandy surface. The game is organized in three periods of 12 minutes each. The half of the game is changed after each game period. If the regular beach soccer game ends in a draw, there will be an extra three minutes. If the extra time also ends in a draw, a penalty shootout follows. The beach soccer game is characterized by speed. This is maintained by the 4-second rule when executing standard situations. The referee pauses these four seconds openly on a report. The goalkeeper is allowed to pick up the ball with his hand, even if it was passed by his own player. However, this action may only be carried out once per possession of a team. When kicking off, all players in the opposing team must be at least 5 meters away from the ball. For the beach soccer game you need the special beach soccer ball, as well as beach soccer goals with beach soccer goal nets.

What does a beach soccer ball look like?

Compared to a classic soccer ball, the beach soccer ball has a specially foamed surface and is therefore much more pleasant and perfect for kicking barefoot on the beach or in the park. Because the outer skin or surface of the ball is very pleasant and soft and at the same time has optimal jumping properties and flight characteristics. For this reason, we also recommend the ball for children and adolescents who are looking for a ball that is not so hard. In addition, a beach soccer ball is water-repellent and can withstand the harsher conditions in the outdoor area very well. The Beach Soccer Ball is available in different sizes.

Great beach soccer goals

Beach soccer goals are made of powder-coated aluminum and have a yellow profile (for better visibility). In addition, like classic football goals, the goals also have a floor-length net bracket or a P net bracket with anti-tip device or ground sleeves. The difference from a beach soccer goal to a soccer goal is the yellow color of the powder-coated surface of the goal.

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