Spieth® JUST FOR KIDS 4-Station-Frame


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Spieth® JUST FOR KIDS 4-Station-Frame

The four-station frame of the series "Just for Kids" includes four gymnasium on just 4 x 4 meters. Children can ideally exercise their movement urge, develop balance and body feeling as well as improve their physical performance. Ideal for school, club, kindergarten and everywhere where children are to be moved.
Product features:
- SPIETH® four-station frame, Just for Kids
- Base frame with mini-bar, mini-ring stand, mini-bar, mini parallel bar
- Total area 4 x 4 m
- Delivery without mats
- Equipment for children up to 40 kg body weight
more features:
- Weight: 250 kg
- Silver
- Dismountable for easy transport
The four-station frame consists of a basic frame and the following jfk gymnastics:
- mini bars (type G8795)
- Mini jorizontal Bars (Art. G8794)
- mini parallel bars (type G8796)
- Mini ring stand (Art. G8784)
The numerous possibilities of use promote children in their development and offer an ideal introduction to the equipment tunnels. All gymnasts are height-adjustable and thus individually adjustable.
Please order mats (Art. G8797) separately. A mat is recommended for each module.
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