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The Slack master takes the Slackline to the public playground, to school and break yards or to the kindergarten. The playground equipment according to DIN EN 1176 offers 3 different levels of difficulty at low and safe height: a balancing rope with vertical suspension cables for support, a balancing rope with an additional rope and a slackline of 3 adjoining tightly connected ropes. The pedestals at the posts of the game machine serve as starting points or end points of the individual stations. Ropes and ropes made of color-resistant and abrasion-resistant Hercules part with steel core. The balancing cables are supplied with the required tension via the respective tensioning elements with threaded rods.

Product features:
- 3 posts made of hot-dip galvanized steel, Ø 102 mm, 240 cm long
- Incl. Cover caps
- Colour powder coating of the bars on request.
- 3 stands of HDPE, Ø 49 cm
- 1 Slackline balancing element made of 3 Hercules rope, side by side, Ø 16 mm each
- 2 balancing ropes, red and blue, in each case Hercules rope Ø 18 mm
- 1 handrail, blue, Hercules rope Ø 16 mm
- 1 holding and balancing element with vertical ropes, colored, Hercules rope Ø 16 mm
- Includes detailed installation and assembly instructions
- Made in Germany

Safety instructions:
- Height 1.6 m
- Installation dimensions: 3,55 x 4,1 m
- Safety area: 6,10 x 6,50 m
- Fall protection: 29.50 sqm
- Falling height: 0,40 m
- Lawn is sufficient as fall protection
- Suitable for children from 3 years

The playground equipment Slack master complies with DIN EN 1176.

Attention: Use under direct supervision of adults!


Necessary safety area: 6.10x6.50 m
Fall protection: 29.50 qm
Fall height: 0.40 m
Underground: grass is allowed
Age: For children older than 4 years
All elements according to DIN EN1176.
Caution: Use under the direct supervision of an adult
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