Run-up and Jumping Device


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Run-up and Jumping Device

Run-up and take-off facility Original Reuther of the brand Spieth Gymnastics for the diving table.

A runway (100 cm wide, 25 mm thick) made of special foam material with bounce board for the jump board and footprint with passage for the tensioning chain of the diving table. The total length is 25 m.

Product features:
- SPIETH® start-up and take-off system, original Reuther
- Total length: 25 m
- Runway of special foam with needle fleece Triflex
- bouncing board for jumping board and footprint with passage for tensioning chain at the diving table
- Roll-up core for floor track and measuring tape
- Width: 1 m
- Height: 25 mm
- Colour Blue
- Weight: approx. 108 kg
- For training and competition
The jump is a discipline in the arts of men and women. The runway protects the joints of the gymnasts during the start to jump.

Sports equipment and accessories for the jump:
Rondat-mat, hand-safety mat, lowdown mat, and, of course, the vaulting table - we would be happy to make you an offer for a jumping system.
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