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In our shop you will find numerous toy vehicles that not only impress with their high quality and durability, but with these toy vehicles you can play numerous games. Discover the toy vehicles for kindergartens, day-care centers, schools or at home.

  1. Winther Viking® Truck
    Winther Viking® Truck
    Immediately available
  2. Winther Viking® Taxi
    Winther Viking® Taxi
    Immediately available
  3. Winther Viking® Easy Rider
    Winther Viking® Easy Rider
    Immediately available
  4. Winther Viking® Tricycle large
    Winther Viking® Tricycle large
    Immediately available
  5. Handcart ECKLATRAK-LONG
    Immediately available
  6. Winther Viking® Explorer BobKart
    Winther Viking® Explorer BobKart
    Immediately available
  7. Winther Viking® Explorer U-Rider
    Winther Viking® Explorer U-Rider
    Immediately available
  8. VIKING Swingcart
    VIKING Swingcart
  9. Hopping horse Rody
    Hopping horse Rody
    Immediately available
  10. VIKING Trailer BEN HUR
    VIKING Trailer BEN HUR
    Soon available again
  11. VIKING Tricycle BEN HUR
    VIKING Tricycle BEN HUR
    Only a few left in stock
  12. Rody rolling base
    Rody rolling base
    Immediately available
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Durable toy vehicles for indoors and outdoors

What types of toy vehicles are there?

The Viking toy vehicles for children made by Winther are specially designed for use in kindergartens, day nurseries and day care centers. In their construction, the ergonomics, motor development and playful creativity that are typical of children were taken into account. All toy vehicles help and support children to stimulate and improve their physical movement (e.g. balance), their motor skills, their game, their interaction and their cognitive reaction. This not only increases their physical abilities, but also improves their mental receptivity and performance. The wide selection of Winther vehicles in our shop allows the children to let their imaginations run wild, whether they are playing alone or in a group. Our range includes: these toy vehicles or children's vehicles:

  • High-wheel bicycle
  • Explorer Funracer
  • Double-Taxi
  • Tricycle
  • Foot twister
  • Trailers for toy vehicles
  • Scooter
  • Swingcart
  • U-Rider

All toy vehicles are ideally suited for use in the outdoor area. The toy vehicles for children are characterized by a unique durability with a 5-year guarantee on the frame.


What are the advantages of toy vehicles?

The toy vehicles for children not only have a high challenge character and promote skill, coordination and creativity, but with the toy vehicles there are many play options both outside and inside. In addition, Winther's indoor and outdoor toy vehicles can be combined with the following advantages:

  • Great design
  • High-quality materials
  • Extraordinary resilience due to high quality also outdoors
  • Child-friendly design in red colour, as the corners and edges on the tricycles, scooters, pedal cars, play cars, high wheels and recumbents are rounded
  • Unique durability with 5 years guarantee
  • Effective rust protection and impact-resistant powder coating for a long service life
  • Rubber buffer to avoid injuries to the fingers
  • Waterproof seat made of plastic (hard rubber)
  • Large and low-noise wheels with PU coating allow use on different and uneven surfaces and over obstacles
  • Height-adjustable seats and handlebars
  • Usable for all age groups
  • Extra non-slip pedals for the drivers of the toy vehicles
  • Meets all safety standards (TÜV EN71)
  • Delivery fully assembled

With the toy vehicles, the children learn to manoeuvre a real vehicle, which is a lot of fun for every child. The Viking or Winther toy vehicles are ideal for permanent use in kindergartens, in the school playground of schools or for use at home. Attention: When using the toy vehicles, the children should wear protective equipment and not use the toy vehicles in traffic. In addition, when purchasing the toy vehicles, you must observe the information on the weight and load capacity of the vehicles, as well as the age recommendation. In addition, all toy vehicles with sturdy shoes and under the supervision of, for example, the parents should be used. With these toys girls and boys slide around with great joy.


Buying high-quality toy vehicles at a great price

Discover our large selection of child-friendly pedal vehicles from the Winther brand, which adapt a high play value together with active, physical challenge to the children's needs. With the many different products and models on children's vehicles and toys, different motor skills and abilities are required and child development, play and interaction are encouraged. Every child and every adult feel like a racing driver in his runabout, for example with a pedal car, slide car, balance bike, baby walker, excavator or bicycle. Benefit from high quality, security and a long service life.