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Spielspaß und Bewegung kombiniert: Unser Kaufratgeber für Kinder Rollbretter bietet alle Informationen, die Sie brauchen, um das perfekte Rollbrett für Spaß und Entwicklung Ihrer Kinder auszuwählen.

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With us you will find a large selection of robust scooter boards made of wood or plastic. Discover the right scooter board for use in kindergarten, physical education in school or especially in elementary school, in clubs in children's gymnastics, in therapy or for fun at home. These sports equipment should not be missing in any equipment room!

Robust and high-quality scooter boards for sitting, driving, rolling and sliding

What are scooter boards?

Sliding, driving and rolling on scooter boards is not only a lot of fun for children in kindergarten, day-care centers, clubs or primary schools, but the children also train their coordination and the opportunities for tasks such as slalom or a parcours are very large , The scooter boards are also often used in children's gymnastics, physical education, but also in psychomotor movement therapy. In exercise therapy, sports and exercise games in the exercise area with these sports equipment, as well as relaxation exercises, are an important area in which scooter boards are often used. With the help of games and playful exercises, scooter boards in psychomotorics encourage conscious perception and experience.

Why scooter boards?

Psychomotor exercises aim to combine movement with experience and perception in order to support personal development. Scooter boards are particularly versatile and when sliding, rolling or driving, children and patients can gain a variety of movement and perception experiences. The scooter boards promote motor skills, balance and coordination of movement, and also let the children recognize the connection between movement and perception. In addition, even lazy children are encouraged to exercise and play by the versatility and the high challenge character of a scooter board.

Games with scooter boards

Scooter boards are suitable for numerous play options. The scooter boards can be used in different ways. For example, children can sit, kneel, lie on the scooter boards or stand with the support of a supervisor. Especially in a group or in school classes you can play fun games with scooter boards, such as the following games:

  • Tunnel ride
  • Scooter boards hockey
  • Scooter board obstacle course (e.g. slalom)
  • Blind ride
  • Sleigh ride
  • Scooter board Rugby
  • Scooter board hockey
  • Scooter board race

The possibilities of scooter boards are endless. You can also easily let the children collect creative ideas and, for example, hand over the planning of a course through the room / movement space or hall or the tasks to the children. You can also hang a gymnastics bench in the gymnasiums, which the children can then use to sit down.

What do you need to pay attention for while using a scooter board?

In order to prevent accidents and injuries, you should set up some safety instructions that the skateboarders must comply with. Because when handling scooter boards, caution is advised for the scooter boarders:

  • Don't stand on the scooter board
  • Pay attention to your legs when riding and when getting up
  • Do not touch the wheels
  • Tie long hair together
  • Always stop the scooter board with your legs or feet, never with your hands or fingers
  • A second child, which pulls the scooter board, is responsible for it
  • Do not kick the scooter board or push it with your foot (risk of injury to other children)
  • The scooter boards may only be driven under supervision

When is a scooter board safe?

In addition to the instructions for increased safety when using the scooter board, there are also numerous features of a scooter board that the scooter board should fulfill for children:

  • Rounded corners that prevent damage to walls and people
  • Holes to attach ropes
  • Low center of gravity, which should prevent the scooter board from tipping over
  • Quiet and smooth tires on the bottom of the scooter board
  • Sturdy wooden scooter board, which should be able to withstand high weights

When purchasing a scooter board, you should definitely follow these safety instructions. In addition, age restrictions or age information, as well as information about resilience (weight) when buying a scooter board should also be considered.

Which accessories are there for scooter boards?

For games in particular, you often need additional products that increase the fun with scooter boards. These accessories can be useful:

  • Ropes for pulling scooter boards for children
  • Protective caps on the rollers so that hands and fingers cannot be injured
  • Special handles for hanging and holding onto the scooter boards
  • Padding for the seat on the boards
  • Additional padding for the corners of the scooter board so that damage to walls can be avoided

With us you will find any scooter board, whether plastic or wooden. All of our scooter boards are made of high-quality and robust materials that can be used outdoors as well as in the gym during physical education and can be driven very well with every use and with every movement game.

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