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Jazzminton is associated with a lot of fun (fun sport) and can be played by young and old (including beginners), as well as in the indoor area and in the outdoor area. You should definitely play jazzminton in your free time, in school sports or in club sports. In our online shop you will find a large selection of practical jazzminton sets from Schildkröt, as well as individual high-quality products for your jazzminton game. Discover the right jazzminton set from Schildkröt and simply order online.

Buying exciting racquet game for school, club & leisure

What is jazzminton?

With the new Schildkröt set, the "old" beach volleyball sets are forgotten. Jazzminton is an exciting setback game and a real fun sport that promises a lot of action. The rebound effect of the so-called birdies with feathers (special game ball or shuttlecock) ensures a special game experience. Because the birdies with feathers in jazzminton jump off like a bouncy ball, have a high rebound effect and a special sound when they hit the jazzminton racket. In addition, the jazzminton birdies are self-rotating by a special arrangement of the springs. The self-rotation creates a very stable and precise flight curve or ball flight and easy playability for everyone. The rackets in jazzminton have a pleasant soft grip and the soft grips have anti-slip properties and different colors (yellow, red, etc.).

Where can I play jazz minton?

Jazzminton can also be played in the dark: the LED lights in the head of the birdies (no battery is required) shine when hitting the racket. After 10 seconds this light goes out again. You can also play jazzminton easily without a net (badminton net) but also professionally with badminton net or badminton net in the badminton field. It is therefore ideal for use at school, on the stand, in the outdoor pool and in leisure time. Jazzminton is suitable for the outdoor (outdoor game) and indoor area, as well as for a game in the dark.

Buy high quality jazzminton set

The jazzminton set or the equipment for jazzminton from the Schildkröt brand is characterized by the following advantages and properties:

  • Robust & stable
  • Durable
  • Available in a practical jazzminton set
  • High quality of materials
  • Suitable for the indoor area as well as for the outdoor area (perfect outdoor game)
  • Simple rules of the game
  • Great playing features of the jazzminton rackets and jazzminton balls
  • Replacement balls are available
  • Play balls with optimal self-rotation and great rebound effect
  • Non-slip soft grip
  • Stable flight curve of the balls or shuttlecocks (stable and precise ball flight)
  • Playable even in the dark due to the LED light
  • High quality LED lamp for playing in the dark
  • Special game ball with feathers
  • Also suitable for beginners in beach ball
  • Special sound when the ball hits
  • available in different colors (yellow, red)

Discover the high-quality products for jazzminton (e.g. replacement balls), as well as the practical jazzminton sets in our online shop and order the right jazzminton product or jazzminton set for school sports, variety in the club or for a game in your free time. You will surely have a lot of fun with this sport and Promote your coordination!

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