Pedalo®, Viking, Rollbrett, Waveboard und Skateboard - Auf 4 oder auf 2 Rollen durchstarten

Kids Vehicles

Roller board and scooter - fun and action on 4 or 2 rolls

Roller board and pedalo are popular sports equipment which should not be missing in any gym. Even the youngest gymnasts are having a lot of fun with roller boards; in children’s gymnastics and athletic gymnastics training children and teenagers love to use roller boards. Roller boards can be used in warm up games and as realistic training accessories to improve strength and coordination as well. In the end of sports lessons you can use the boards to have little roller board competitions or games. To move fast on rolls is very funny. There is a lot of action and fun when moving with the classics such as roller boards, scooters or tricycles or with the latest and new vehicles such as skateboards, longboards, wave boards and fun boards. Kids’ vehicles improve the development of children and inspire them. In groups, in the sports lessons or in the kindergartens, there are no limits in using the vehicles for any purpose. Roller boards are very multifunctional and do not have any age restriction. In combination with our traffic signs, children easily learn how to act in the streets while having lots of fun. Kübler Sport offers a broad range of roller boards, pedalo® products, wave boards, scooters and a lot more equipment to move.

Pedalo® and Viking - quality brands by Kübler Sport

The Pedalo series is specialized on building and developing kids’ vehicles. However, the equipment is also frequently used in therapeutic settings. With the pedalo®-Classic, pedalo®-Combi and the pedalo®-Balance roll, we offer equipment which is usable in schools sports lessons as well as in the kindergarten or for private use at home. The red Viking kids’ vehicles by Winther are very sturdy and solid vehicles for youth clubs, kindergartens and other facilities for kids and children. The vehicles improve the children’s motoric development and they also provide a lot of fun when using them.

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