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In our range you will find a large selection of different high quality tennis nets. Our tennis nets are not only of great quality, but the products are also absolutely weatherproof and therefore very suitable for outdoor use. Discover our tennis nets and tennis net accessories for children, training or competitions now and order easily online at attractive prices.
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Buying weather-resistant & robust tennis nets

What does a tennis network include?

A tennis net system consists of net supports or tennis net posts, the tennis net, as well as some additional weights (especially for free-standing tennis nets). The tennis net should consist of knotless, black square mesh and a polyethylene braided line or ribbon. In competition, tennis nets must comply with the DIN EN 1510 standard. In addition, the entire net, but also the attachment of the tennis net to the net supports, should be very stable and of high quality. The tennis net is attached to the posts or tennis net supports with a rope. The top edge of the tennis net as well as the rope must be framed in a white tennis net for better visibility and protection for the players. Court Royal brand tennis nets are particularly well known and are used at ATP, ITF, ILTF and WTA tournaments worldwide. These Court Royal brand tennis nets are GS tested and tested to DIN EN 1510.


Which dimensions do tennis nets have?

With the dimensions of a tennis net it should be noted in any case that no tennis ball gets through the mesh of the net and that the tennis net takes up the full dimension between the net posts. In addition, all tennis nets used in the competition must meet the requirements of DIN EN 150, which include determines the mesh size or the size of a tennis net. For leisure, playground and sports equipment there are the requirements according to DIN EN 1510, which defines the properties of a tennis net. A tennis net has a length of approx. 12.70 meters and a height of 1.07 meters on the sides, as well as a height of 91.4 cm in the middle. The mesh size is approx. 43 mm. A high-quality tennis net is characterized by the advantages that the top five to seven rows are knotted and laid in two (double) layers (double rows). This results in great strength and is intended to ensure that the tennis net can withstand the high speeds of the serve.


Accessories for tennis nets

Accessories for a tennis net or tennis net include:

  • Tennis net supports or tennis posts
  • Net bracket (also for badminton nets or badminton nets & volleyball nets)
  • Steel wire rope for tennis nets
  • Flexible network system (multi-function network, can also be used in badminton, volleyball or in the garden)
  • Roll-up bars for badminton nets, tennis nets, volleyball nets, badminton nets, and nets in other sports
  • Tension screw for tennis net regulating strap
  • Mesh binding tape
  • Net regulation strap or webbing

Our accessories for tennis nets, as well as the tennis nets and tennis net systems are all characterized by a simple and quick setup. You can also buy them online as mobile or stationary products in our range. With our roll-up bars you can easily roll up tennis nets, volleyball nets or badminton nets or roll them out during assembly, store them close at hand and transport them optimally. Our tennis nets meet all requirements and are characterized by many advantages, such as a long service life. No tennis clothing is available in our shop. Buy weatherproof tennis nets now at attractive prices, as well as the matching tennis balls from Wilson, for your tennis sport on the tennis court! We promise fast delivery!