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In our shop you will find a wide selection of table tennis bats for an optimal table tennis game. We provide professional players and competition players as well as recreational players, hobby players and beginners with the right table tennis racket. Our range includes table tennis bats with various surfaces and handles and optimal playing properties, but also ready-made bats or complete bats at an affordable price. Discover our rackets for professionals, hobby players or club players from well-known manufacturers, such as Joola.

  1. Joola® POCKET Bat Case
    Joola® POCKET Bat Case
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  2. Kübler Sport® Tabletennis Set
    Kübler Sport® Tabletennis Set
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  3. Joola® Table Tennis Bat BEAT
    Joola® Table Tennis Bat BEAT
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  4. Joola® MINI Table tennis bat
    Joola® MINI Table tennis bat
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  5. Kübler Sport® Table Tennis Bat HOBBY
    Kübler Sport® Table Tennis Bat HOBBY
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High-quality and stable table tennis rackets

Table tennis rackets for every level and player type

Table tennis is a very popular sport, which is also popular in the club, but also at school and in free time. You don't need a lot of equipment for a table tennis game. Because a racket and a table tennis table are completely sufficient for a game with a lot of fun. However, there are a few things you should consider when buying a racket so that you can really enjoy playing table tennis. For this reason, your table tennis racket should match your level of performance and your type of player. In our range you will find table tennis bats from well-known brands or manufacturers, such as Joola, Butterfly, Sunflex or Donic, which can convince in all respects.


Different handles of table tennis rackets

The handle of a table tennis racket can have different shapes. A distinction can be made between the following racket shapes:

  • Straight: The shape of the handle allows a variable game, in which a quick change of grip is possible. This means that the table tennis player can quickly switch between the forehand and backhand. Table tennis bats with straight handles are particularly popular with defensive players.
  • Concave: With this shape, the grip of the table tennis racket becomes thicker downwards, which prevents slipping of the hands. Due to the safer and more stable position, as well as a good ball feeling in the hand, this racket handle is particularly popular with children or hobby players.
  • Anatomical: The anatomical club handles correspond to the shape of a human hand or are adapted to this shape. These club handles, like the straight handles, are very easy to use and also allow you to quickly grasp the forehand and backhand. For these reasons, these table tennis bats are very often used by beginners, hobby players or attacking players.
  • Tapered: The tapered handle shape is a combination of the straight and the concave shape, which means that both advantages (good fit and quick grip) are adopted. This handle shape is ideal for a table tennis player who is a beginner or hobby player and does not yet know what properties are important to him.

What kind of surfaces do table tennis rackets have?

Table tennis bats can consist of different surfaces. The surface of the table tennis racket influences the spin of the ball and the speed of the ball. A distinction is made between a nubbed and smooth coverings:

  • Pimpled rubbers: A pimpled table tennis racket has pimples on the outside and thus gives the ball less spin (topspin is more difficult). With this table tennis racket, a table tennis player gains more control over the table tennis ball and thus a better feeling for the ball.
  • Smooth surface: With a smooth surface, the table tennis bat has nubs on the inside and a flat surface. As an effect, you can give this table tennis racket a higher speed of the ball and more spin on the ball (topspin is easier). There is less control over the balls.

In addition, not only the surface has a significant influence from the properties of a table tennis racket, but also the sponge pad should be considered when buying. With the sponge pad you can say: the thicker the sponge pad, the faster the table tennis racket will play. Beginners should definitely choose thinner sponge pads for better ball control.


Table tennis rackets for outdoor use

Table tennis bats and their handles are mostly made of wood in the indoor area. Here you should choose unpainted bat, since unpainted wood slips less when sweating compared to lacquered wood. Mostly the bat wood consists of several layers that are glued together. Hard types of wood, such as walnut or beech, make the game faster. However, table tennis is also often played outdoors in various sports facilities, schoolyards or in a public place. The table tennis bats should be particularly robust, which is why the table tennis bats are usually made of plastic. Because this material is waterproof and dirt-resistant.


What does “fresh glue” mean?

This is very simple gluing. This means that the rubber covering or nub rubber of the racket is only glued to the club wood or the club blade shortly before the start. Of course, this is mainly done by professionals. Because beginners or amateurs mostly use all-round racquets, i.e. ready-made racquets or combination racquets. Special glues are used on the club blade for fresh gluing, which make the base more grippy and elastic. When glued, the rubber covering swells on the bat and becomes more elastic.


Our tip for cleaning your table tennis racket

Not sure how to clean a table tennis racket? A table tennis racket is not particularly difficult or time-consuming to clean. It is particularly important that you regularly clean the surfaces of the racket and remove any dirt there. You can safely do this with normal water and a sponge for smaller dirt. If there is more dirt, you should use a light soap. After cleaning, you should always let the table tennis racket dry well for optimal playing properties and rub thoroughly with a cotton cloth.