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JOOLA® Table Tennis Net KLICK
JOOLA® Table Tennis Net KLICK
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With us you will find a large selection of high-quality and resilient table tennis nets in various designs (metal nets & table tennis nets made of textile fabric). In our shop, table tennis nets from well-known brands, such as Joola, Donic or Schildkröt, as well as matching accessories are available. Discover a suitable table tennis net at great prices and simply order & buy online.

Robust and high-quality table tennis nets – Table tennis nets according to official requirements

What kind of table tennis nets are there?

With table tennis nets, a distinction is made with regard to the material used in table tennis nets made of metal, textile (e.g. cotton) or synthetic fibers, such as polyethylene or nylon. The metal and plastic table tennis nets from Joola or Donic are particularly suitable for outdoor table tennis tables or concrete table tennis tables. The table tennis nets made of metal or plastic are characterized above all by their very high resilience when playing and weatherproof. With table tennis nets made of this material, you must note that these nets are rigid and do not give way. The consequence of this is that the bounce behavior in the case of a network contact, such as a network roller, is unnatural. A net made of textile fabric should only be used indoors and should only be used outdoors when the weather is good. These nets, made of cotton, for example, are very elastic compared to metal nets and can be tensioned reliably. There are also special products for table tennis nets made of textile, namely the table tennis nets for competition. In competition, you must ensure that the table tennis nets comply with the ITTF regulations. Practical networks are also the so-called rolling nets. These have an automatic, extendable roll-up device, with which the table tennis net can be rolled up and stowed away easily and quickly after the game.


How high is a table tennis net?

A table tennis net (in competition) has a net height of 15.25 cm and may decrease in size by a maximum of 10 mm if you place a 100 g weight in the middle. These are also the ITTF regulations for a table tennis net. In addition, the table tennis net should have even and knotless stitches. It is important that you always follow the ITTF regulations when using a table tennis net in competition. In training in the sports hall in a club or in school sports, the table tennis net can also deviate well from the information, such as the height. High-quality and somewhat more expensive nets can be adjusted in terms of their height, length and mains voltage and can be pulled out.


How to fix a table tennis net on a table tennis table

In order to mount a table tennis net or the net with the net posts on a plate or a table, there are now numerous different posture systems and fastening systems that are used both in training and in competition among professional table tennis players. A distinction can be made between screw threads and so-called snap models (e.g. metal clamps). With the snap models or clip fastenings, the table tennis net is not screwed to the table, but simply clamped in place with a clip. This assembly is very quick and easy and is very practical, especially in daily table tennis training in clubs or school sports. When fastening with a clip, however, you should note that the net can also slip quickly. A table tennis net holder in the form of screw threads are usually much more stable. When buying the mounting system, you should always pay attention to where you attach the table tennis net. Because the table tennis net should be fastened to any plate thickness with the type of fastening or the mounting system.


Which table tennis net is the right one?

The right table tennis net depends on the table tennis table. For this reason, you should check what kind of table tennis table you have before buying a table tennis net. For a concrete table tennis table you should buy a table tennis net made of metal or plastic and for an indoor table tennis table it is best to choose a table tennis net made of textile fabric. You can also find entire net sets with us. Sets consist of a table tennis net, a net holder and screw post or net post for screwing. The entire net set is supplied in a practical storage bag, which makes it easy to transport. Advantages of our table tennis nets and net sets:

  • Very durable
  • Resilient
  • Robust
  • Fast assembly and dismantling
  • High quality
  • Practical and easy to carry in a storage bag
  • Correspond to official standards or regulations (ITTF and DIN EN 14468-2)

In our shop you will find a large selection of different products for table tennis (including replacement nets) from well-known manufacturers, such as Donic or Joola, as well as at great prices. In addition to matching table tennis nets, you will also find a large selection of different rackets.

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