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Badminton Rackets

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High quality badminton rackets for school sports, recreational sports and club sports as well as other racket equipment. Our badminton rackets are optimally stringed, so that perfect smash balls can be played by every badminton player. Discover our wide selection of different badminton rackets for beginners and advanced players!

  1. TALBOT TORRO® Arrowspeed 199
    TALBOT TORRO® Arrowspeed 199
    Currently not available
  2. Tecnifibre® Playerslast band
    Tecnifibre® Playerslast band
    Immediately available
  3. Victor® Ruleposter Badminton Size A2 German/Englisch
    Victor® Ruleposter Badminton Size A2 German/Englisch
    Discontinued item: Only 1 left in stock
  4. Rückschlagspiele von Weyers/Müller/Lemke
    Rückschlagspiele von Weyers/Müller/Lemke
    Discontinued item: Only 1 left in stock

Items 1-30 of 38

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High-quality & robust badminton rackets

What is badminton?

More than 5 million people regularly play badminton at school or at leisure in Germany. Badminton is also often called badminton. The setback game developed in England developed rapidly in Germany since the 1970s and is now one of the most popular recreational sports. Due to the simple structure, little material and versatility Badminton is not only suitable as a club sport, but also for school sports. The sport is characterized by a fast backlash, which trains especially skills like stamina, coordination and concentration.

What types of badminton rackets are there?

In our shop you will find different versions of badminton rackets. Badminton racquets are available for competition, adults, beginners and special kids rackets, so-called badminton rackets. The badminton rackets in graphite, carbon, aluminum, etc. of the highest quality are suitable for all sports areas: school sports, recreational sports and club sports with competitive sports. In addition, we have a variety of accessories for the badminton rackets and the badminton rackets for you, from the matching wall mount for the rackets to the professional racket bag to the stringing machine for the badminton rackets.

Find the right badminton racket

A basic requirement for fun in the game and sporting success is a high-quality badminton racket, which is optimally tailored to your own style of play. In our shop you will find an exclusive selection of quality bats from renowned brands and manufacturers such as:

  • Yonex®
  • Victor®
  • Talbot TORRO®
  • Kübler Sport®

Of course every brand has its own individual technologies and products. The different badminton rackets differ i.a. in their material (graphite, carbon, aluminum, etc.), the grip strength, the stringing (Ashway, multifile stringing, etc.), the weight, the head shape of the club head, the length and in their flexibility or stiffness of the racket shaft.

What do I have to consider when buying a badminton racket?

If you want to buy a Badminton racket, you should consider the following criteria:

  1. Performance level of the badminton player: beginner, advanced, professional or adult or child
  2. Flexibility or stiffness of the racquet: The flexibility or stiffness refers to the hardness of the strings in the frame. A flexible badminton racket has better ball control as a game feature and is less offensive to play in the badminton game as compared to a stiffer badminton racket.
  3. Balance of the badminton racket: The balance of a badminton racket also means the center of gravity of the racket. A badminton player distinguishes between a top-heavy, grip-heavy and well-balanced badminton racket. In a top-heavy club, the club's center of gravity is close to the head, which is particularly good for offensive play and for the playing of smash balls. A grip-heavy club has its center of gravity, as the name suggests, near the club handle. Compared to the top-heavy racket, the grip-heavy badminton racket is used when playing balls in a defensive game. As you probably suspect, a balanced racket is a combination of a grip-heavy and top-heavy badminton racket. This type of badminton racket can be used quite universally and is therefore very often used by beginners or beginners. It is the absolute all-rounder.

Which badminton rackets should children use?

As mentioned at the beginning, children should use so-called methodological rackets as racquets. These rackets have special learning handles on the racket handle, which is to prevent incorrect gripping the handle or the racket. In addition, the badminton racket for children has a shortened shaft, a drop-shaped club head and a reduced weight and smaller frame. In our shop you will find a wide selection of badminton rackets with different shank lengths and grip bands, head shape, stringing or stringing properties, stringing hardness and playing characteristics or types of center of gravity and flexibility of the racket. Our range has the right badminton rackets for beginners as well as professionals and features rackets from well-known manufacturers such as Yonex or Victor.