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With us you will find a large selection of badminton posts for the club, school sports or use in leisure. Our badminton posts are not only very high quality & robust, but also comply with the DIN standard EN 1509 (guidelines of the German Badminton Association). Discover the matching badminton net post now and easily order the badminton game post online at affordable prices in our shop.

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Badminton posts in high quality & according to official guidelines

What is badminton?

In Germany, more than 5 million people regularly play badminton or badminton at school or at leisure. Badminton is often called badminton. The setback game, which originated in England, has been developing rapidly in Germany since the 1970s and is now one of the most popular leisure sports. Due to the simple structure, few materials and the versatility, the badminton or badminton game is not only suitable as a club sport, but also for school sports. The sport or sport is characterized by a quick setback game, which trains skills such as endurance, coordination and concentration. For a shuttlecock game in doubles or singles, you and your opponent need only one ball (natural shuttlecock), a plastic racket, a net and a badminton post.

What types of badminton posts are there?

The badminton net is hung on a badminton pole in the middle of the length of the field. The design of a badminton net post depends on the location of the post, which means that there are different types of posts. There are badminton posts for badminton nets which, due to their material, galvanized steel, are suitable for outdoor use. Of course you can also find badminton posts for indoor use in our shop. These consist of aluminum, for example. There are also mobile badminton net posts that can be transported individually to any location and set up there quickly and easily. The mobile posts also consist of a sturdy steel construction, which despite its weight is easy to move due to the large casters. The stability of badminton net posts can be increased with weights or counterweights. In addition, the height of the game posts or net height can be telescopically adjusted upwards on a badminton post (height-adjustable net height up to 15 cm). For school sports and the badminton game in the hall in the club, badminton net posts are available, which can be inserted into ground sleeves. In contrast, there are badminton stands with a disc base, which can also be assembled and dismantled relatively flexibly in the indoor area in the sports hall. The floor of the facility or the sports hall and the playing field is relatively spared by rubber dots on the stands. For the competition or the competition it is important that you use badminton posts and tournament nets that are competitive and accordingly comply with the guidelines of the German Badminton Association (DBV).

Buying a badminton post

The badminton net posts in our range are all characterized by the following advantages:

  • Robust
  • High quality of materials
  • Easy assembly and dismantling
  • Height adjustable (net height can be adjusted individually)
  • Different models (including mobile versions) for indoor and outdoor use
  • Weights or counterweight for increased stability of the posts
  • Different diameters
  • Approved tournament nets and posts for the competition
  • Suitable tensioning device and Kevlar tensioning rope or belt tensioner for every net and every net tension (also a volleyball net)
  • Gentle on the floor of the badminton court

Discover our large selection of badminton net posts at great prices and enjoy your badminton or badminton game in clubs, school sports, at tournaments, in training or in your free time. In our shop there are not only suitable posts for the professional player, you can also find the right badminton game post for the beginner. You will also find accessories for the shuttlecock game, such as natural shuttlecocks with great flight characteristics, plastic bat, a referee chair, Kevlar tensioning ropes or belt tensioners and tensioning devices for the net tension or a net made of plastic or tournament net for the competition. With us you will not only find different posts for the badminton field with different diameters, but also different nets with different mesh sizes.