Rack for Vaulting Poles moveable

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Rack for Vaulting Poles moveable

Aluminium trolley with protective roof for up to 20 jump bars.

Product features:
- Transport trolley / storage for jump bars
- For up to 20 jump bars
- With protective roof
- Material: aluminium

In the Kübler Sport® online shop you will find all the equipment and the right accessories for the pole vault in training and competition. No matter whether it is made of fiberglass-reinforced plastic sticks, metal slats, puncture boxes, storage bins for storage and transport, pole vaulting racks or pole vaulting mats - we always fulfil your individual sporting requirements. We would be happy to make you an offer for a pole vault system with slatted frame, track cover, pre-mats, pole vaulting mats and other accessories. The pole vault is one of the most technically demanding disciplines of athletics. Using a long and flexible staff, the pole vaulter jumps over a high-level lath after a run, lying on two jump stands and falling down when touched. The landing takes place on the back on a pole vaulting mat. Buy now the trolley for jump sticks. Alternatively, we offer you a stand for storing the jump bars (L2637).
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