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pedalo® Foot Workshop

The footwork is a movement concept, which places the topic of foot in the foreground. At the 9 training stations various exercises for mobilization, strengthening, regeneration and activation can be completed.

The foot is the foundation of our body and exposed to high stress in everyday life as well as during strenuous sporting activities. Healthy feet are therefore a solid basis for the posture and the spine.

Training with the footwork

Many deformities of our feet are due to a muscular weakness or dysbalance of the foot and leg musculature. In order to strengthen this, a continuous training of the feet is essential. The pedalo foot workstation is convincing with its versatility thanks to its 9 training stations. An exercise station has the dimension: 40x47 cm.

- Strengthening and mobilization
- Activation and regeneration
- 9 different stations

Consciously selected exercises for sensitization, regeneration, mobilization and strengthening train the foot in all its functions and can thus provide the foundation for a better posture and movement of our entire body.

Towers tation - The sensible storage car

The tower station is made of wood and allows space-saving and clear storage of the exercise stations. It has room for 9 different stations. The car has the following dimensions: 40x50x130 cm.

- Ideal for group and circuit training
- Movement concept for fitness and therapy
- Space-saving storage with the help of the car

The pedalo footwork is a unique and high-quality movement concept, which is ideal for practices, rehabilitation facilities and fitness and health studios. The stations are particularly effective when small groups complete a circuit training. In conjunction with a trainer or a therapist you can work very well here.
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