Hip-Hop Surfer

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Hip-Hop Surfer

Compared to conventional roundabouts you found at the HIP-HOP playground equipment no longer dimension that does not come into motion when children play with each other! The unique, ground-rocker carousel joint makes it possible that the platform rotates and simultaneously can bounce in any direction. This is the ultimate challenge to the balance and coordination of every child! Whether alone or with up to 6 children simultaneously you can have fun and move with our Hip-HOP device! Suitable for children over 6 years.

HIPHOP systems are available in the following versions:
- HIP-HOP base: Ø 190 cm, height 160 cm
- HIP-HOP Surfer: 190 x 110 cm elliptical, height 280 cm
- HIP-HOP Flash: 190 x 110 cm elliptical, height 306 cm

The equipment for the playground must hold a safety area of 590 cm Ø. With a maximum falling height of 60 cm lawn is sufficient as fall protection. The play equipment made of stainless steel come with a prefabricated foundation that simplifies installation immensely.

The carousels comply with DIN EN.
The ground plate is elliptical-shaped and with a sail in the center. One half of the sail is clear for a perfect overview. According DIN EN 1176.
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