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Foam vaulting boxes are real all-rounders. Because a diving box made of foam takes away the fear of jumps, for example, for beginners, beginners and anxious people in gymnastics. On the other hand, the possible uses of these gymnastics devices are almost limitless and a jump box is used in movement landscapes, in children's gymnastics, for gymnastics, for gymnastics in school as teaching aids or as teaching aids in the therapy area. Discover our hard-wearing foam jumpers in great colors and different designs and buy the foam jumpers easily online. This version of a gymnastics box is a great alternative to classic diving boards or gymnastics benches.

High-quality & robust foam vaulting boxes

What is a foam vaulting box?

A box made of foam is a gymnastics device and, as the name suggests, is made of foam. A foam diving box is much softer than a conventional hardwood or pine wood diving box and with a cover made of cowhide or synthetic leather and is ideal for training with beginners, beginners, children or for jumps in the basic area due to its soft nature suitable for fearful people. A foam box has a trapezoidal or rectangular shape and is relatively stable and secure due to this shape. The surface of the jump boxes is made of a lightweight tarpaulin. This cover can be easily removed and cleaned. The inner core or core of the spring box is made of high-quality foam. The individual foam jumpers can be attached to one another on the long sides with a Velcro fastener or Velcro strips, which increases the variety of exercises with a foam vaulting box. Because a foam box can be a training aid in gymnastics, a trainer's platform, a soft obstacle or part of a movement landscape. This gymnastics device is therefore not only ideally suited for children's gymnastics in schools and clubs or for use in the sports hall, but can also be used well in the therapy area.


Advantages of a foam vaulting box

A box made of foam in our shop features by the following advantages:

  • Durable and robust
  • Easy transport, as well as assembly and disassembly (faster than from a classic lid or box top
  • Non-slip surface (comparable to a gym mat fabric) for more safety
  • Soft, but at the same time firm and elastic (medium compression hardness)
  • Cover made of polyester, polyether, cowhide or tarpaulin and thus the box are easy to clean
  • Skin-friendly material
  • Comfortable and good grip (polygrip) for more safety (compared to the classic wooden gym box and a cover with cowhide or synthetic leather)
  • Great colors of the foam jumpers
  • Dampened impact on the surface or on the core
  • Significantly reduces the risk of injury
  • Available in different dimensions or dimensions
  • Available in different shapes or designs (trapezoid, rectangle in different dimensions)
  • With some versions it is possible to attach handles (can be attached to a gymnastics bench or ladders)
  • Available in single parts or as a set

Please note that the gymnastics box made of foam has no driving device and rubber buffer. The foam jumpers are multi-part and available with handles. The differently designed jump boxes can then be easily put together again using the Velcro fasteners or Velcro strips on the long sides. Discover our great and hard-wearing foam jumpers and take the fear out of children's gymnastics before jumping over a gym. The foam jumpers not only take away the fear, but also delight both children and adults when using them.

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