Fortuna Course

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Fortuna Course

Versatile climbing tower with 2 original bird sisters® as platforms at different heights. The three towers are all connected to each other via different balancing and climbing elements as "bridges". In addition, there are rope ladders, a climbing net and a rubber treadmill.

Product features:
- 3 posts of hot-dip galvanized steel, Ø 102 mm, 300/240/200 cm long
- Incl. Cover caps
- Colour powder coating of the bars on request
- 2 Original Huck birds, Ø 120 cm
- 1 corded steel ring, Ø 120 cm
- 1 balancing rope made of polypropylene, Ø 65 mm with vertical holding cables
- 1 horizontal rope ladder with plastic rungs
- 1 horizontal rubber runway with climbing aids
- 2 vertical rope ladders with plastic rungs
- 1 climbing net as a climbing aid
- Includes detailed installation and assembly instructions
- Made in Germany

Safety instructions:
- Height 2 m
- Safety area: 6.80 x 6.80 m
- Fall protection: 33.50 sqm
- Drop height: 1 m
- Lawn is sufficient as fall protection
- Suitable for children from 3 years

The playground equipment complies with DIN EN 1176.

Attention: Use under direct supervision of adults!


- Necessary safety area: 6.8x6.8 m
- Fall protection: 33.5 qm
- Fall height: 1 m
- Underground: grass is allowed
- Age: For children older than 2 years
All elements according to DIN EN1176.
Caution: Use under the direct supervision of an adult
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