Trautwein® Fango Mixer ER 70 N


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Ideal for use in therapeutic facilities.

Trautwein® Fango Mixer ER 70 N

The mud mixer is used in physical therapy as a processing device for mud paraffin and mud packs. In the ER70 N mud mixer, you can process and heat up to 85 kg of mud mass. The double-pressure vessel construction made of stainless steel contains a heat transfer oil, which heats the mud mass evenly and energy-efficiently. The mixer can be used as a tabletop device or placed on a warming cabinet using the attached brackets.

The special counter-flow impeller ensures uniform mixing and heating of the mud mass. The heated outlet valve prevents clogging and clumping of the mass, allowing the mud paraffin to spread very well on the mud plate. The mud mixer is mounted in the mud kitchen or on a warming cabinet using screws (diameter: 8 mm).

Difference between aluminum and stainless steel vessel
The vessel of the mud mixer is available in stainless steel and aluminum versions. In the stainless steel mixer, heat transfer is achieved through a heat transfer oil. The bottom of the vessel is hermetically sealed with the maintenance-free heat transfer oil filling. This special construction ensures energy-efficient heating with a consumption advantage of approximately 30%. Therefore, you can keep operating costs low during use.

Note on general mud application
In physical therapy, healing mud or mud packs are used in heat therapy. The mud mass, mud paraffin, is heated in a large vessel and dispensed through the outlet valve. Normally, the mud mass is dispensed onto a plate and then stored in a warming cabinet for use. The thermal mud is kept warm on the body area using mud foil and mud towels, thus unleashing its effects.


- With control panel for adjusting the functions
- Capacity: approx. 85 kg of fango mass
- Heating power: 3 kW
- Average energy consumption: 80 watts/kg
- Dimensions: (WxDxH) 63x63x76.5 cm
- Power: 400 V (optional: 230 V for an additional charge: T5232)


- Double-walled stainless steel kettle
- With maintenance-free heat oil filling
- With removable agitator blade
- Heated outlet tap
- Cladding made of stainless steel sheet

Stirrer Comfort Control - Our recommendation for economical practical operation

The comfort control (T5231) offers additional operating comfort and energy-saving settings. With the weekend and holiday program (daily setting), the heating can be economically and efficiently adjusted. The sterilization automaton also ensures a gentle heating of the fango mass and overnight cooling stirring.

Product meets the requirements of the Medical Product Act (MPG)
Classification according to Directive 93/42 / EEC:
Class I

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