Fango Extruder AR 70 N


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Fango Extruder AR 70 N

The ideal desktop device for your Fango kitchen! The Fango Extruder is double-walled and filled oil boiler guarantees like the special agitator an uniform and ideal mixing and heating of the Fango mass. Another special feature is the heated drain cock. This prevents constipation and clumping of the mass. The boilers are available in the version aluminum and stainless steel.

Difference between aluminum and stainless steel

The boiler of the Fango Extruder is available in the stainless steel and in aluminum design. The heat transfer of the stainless steel extruder occurs by a heat transfer oil.The vessel bottom is hermetically sealed with the maintenance-free heat transfer oil. This process provides an energy saving of about 30%. This allows you to keep low hte operating costs during use.

The use of Fango finds application in heat therapy. The Fango paraffin is heated in a cauldron, and output via the drain cock. Normally, the Fango mass is discharged onto a sheet and then stored within the cabinet for use.
- High density aluminum boiler
- Volume: approx 85 kg Fango mass
- Dimensions: (WxDxH) 63x63x64,5 cm
- Power: 400 V (optional: 230 V surcharge: T5232)
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