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Kübler Sport offers a wide range of music equipment for sports halls in gyms, schools, dance rooms and many more. We not only offer mobile music equipment, but also powerful sound systems for sports halls with a size of up to 250 square meters!

High quality and robust music systems with an optimum sound for every sport club, school or gym

Music systems for sport halls

Music systems are mainly for the better motivation of athletes and players in training and play in the hall, but also for competition purposes in many sports and therapy facilities. In the fitness area, too, the use of music is an absolute must for some units, such as Zumba. In our online shop you will find an extensive range of differently designed music systems for gyms and sound systems. This means that the music systems and the mobile music system for the sports hall contain different functions and, depending on your needs, you can select the sound system with the required functions and easily order the device online.

What kind of differences does music equipment for sport halls have?

The (mobile) music systems differ in their structure or in the functions they contain. On the one hand, there are systems that can be used on the go. These are mobile music systems that e.g. are equipped with a battery. On the other hand, there are stationary music systems that have, for example, a remote control and built-in speakers. The mobile music systems are also suitable for the use and playback of the audio file in the (dry) outdoor area, on stages or at other events and facilities. Thanks to the built-in battery, these have an operating time of several hours. The music systems consist of three components: source, amplifier and loudspeaker. These can each be constructed differently.

The sources are responsible for reading the sound signal or the sound carrier. A distinction is made between analog (e.g. cassettes) and digital (e.g. MP3) channels. There is also the playback format, which can be MP3, WAV or WMA, for example. We recommend a music system for sports halls that can read digital sources. Because that corresponds to today's standards and needs.

You can choose the following equipment or connections for the data input in the sound system of your music system in the gym:

  • CD player and cassette drive
  • USB
  • SD
  • Bluetooth
  • AUX
  • Microphone input or radio microphone
  • Mobile phone docking station

As the name suggests, amplifiers take on the task of amplifying the signal of the source component. The loudspeakers or the loudspeaker boxes convert the signal from the source into a sound and a distinction is made between the integrated or the external loudspeaker. The public address system or public address system thus powers an entire gymnastics room.

What music equipment is best for me?

The music systems and the mobile music system for the sports hall of course also differ in terms of their performance and can therefore sound in rooms of different sizes. For optimal sound, you should note the following:

  • Smaller rooms (up to 75 m²) require a sound system of 2 x 8.5 watts
  • Medium rooms (up to 120 m²) require a sound system of 60 watts
  • Large rooms (up to 250 m²) require a sound system of 120 watts

We would be happy to advise you on the selection of the optimal (mobile) music system for your sports hall or fitness room.

Find the music equipment that matches your sport hall

In our online shop you will also find numerous products that you can combine with the mobile music system for the sports hall and represent an attractive extension of your sound system:

  • Microphone floor stand
  • Wireless hand-held microphone transmitter + receiver
  • Extendable trolley for music systems
  • Dynamic microphone
  • Floor stand boxes

Discover the right mobile music system for sports halls with remote control or a stationary music system with built-in speakers for every room and hall with the option of connecting USB or Bluetooth and playing any channel and CD. All our sound systems are characterized by a long operating time of several hours on every stage and at every event.

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