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One cannot even imagine gymnastics or sports lessons without swing rings or gymnastic rings, they are simply part of it. Swing rings have therefore become an integral part of any sports hall.

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Improve muscles and coordination with swing rings and swing systems

Swing rings - something for every generation

Swinging lively is in the blood of children in particular, but swinging back and forth is at least as much fun even in adult or senior age. With swing rings, you can meet this natural need for swinging and hanging and, thanks to the even pendulum movement, ensure improved coordination and strengthening of the muscles. If you want to buy gymnastics rings, you should always ensure that the swing system / ring suspension is installed safely. The gymnastic rings are also available with adjustable straps made of plastic, which can be hung in various devices and used for methodical training and strength training.

Training with swing rings is highly effective

Swing rings are usually made of wood or plywood, but there are also metal rings. Thanks to the highest quality standards, the gymnastics equipment offers a good grip for targeted training. They hang on ropes or chain links and are fixed to the ring frame by means of galvanized snap hooks. The flexibility in all directions makes a versatile use of the gymnastic rings possible. So you can not only swing forwards and backwards on the gymnastics device, but also rotary movements, spinning and rocking to the side are possible. These creative possibilities make gymnastics with swing rings not only varied, but also a high-performance sport. Use of strength and athletic level in ring gymnastics are enormous, because during the entire exercise, e.g. the cross slope, the muscles are under constant tension.

Effective exercises for physical education on the swing rings are:

  • Hang out - just hang on the rings with your legs dangling in the air and keep track of how long you hold out
  • Pull-ups on the rings - hang and then pull up, the small movements to compensate for the pendulum movements make this exercise particularly effective
  • Support - push up between the two rings with your arms fully stretched
  • Ring dips - press up and down on the rings so that you move up and down between the two rings

Ring frames for swing rings

A ring frame is usually adjustable in height and offers a spring effect only in the downward direction. The exercises to be completed in ring gymnastics, such as a fall slope, thus create forces that are several times the body weight of the athlete. The special conception of the ring structure and the integrated damping reduce this force and protect the joints.

Accessories for gymnastic rings

There are all kinds of accessories for gymnastic rings that make gymnastics and the desired tricks even more interesting. For example, a wooden trapeze bar with secure fittings for hanging in gymnastic rings offers a lot of variety. The trapeze can be used to strive for a wide variety of motion sequences and thus train body tension, courage, strength and endurance. Whether simply hooking it in with your hands or in the knee bend, whether swinging, rocking, propping or jumping - the diverse possibilities always offer new challenges and the level of difficulty can be determined by the practitioner. Children in particular manage to astonish others again and again with their creativity and new exciting movement situations.

One of the most important features when it comes to safety is a jumping mat. This prevents injuries during landings and falls and introduces the athletes to increasingly complicated figures and tricks with gymnastics rings through the existing safety.

Another accessory is the telescopic hook bar, which is a perfect aid in every sports hall. It is ideal for pulling down gymnastic and swing rings that are stored under the ceiling. Usually the hook rod has an easy-to-use telescopic mechanism.